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What do my yearly dues & MORe Advantage Fees pay for? How can I avoid late fees and service suspension?​ When can I expect to receive my e-billing for yearly dues & MORe Advantage Fees? What is the Manual Processing Fee and when is the fee billed?​






Federal Income Tax Law

2015 provisions of federal income tax law regarding lobbying expenses make the following portion of your dues not tax deductible:
Estimated Lobbying Expense Percentage Non-Deductible Portion:
National Association of REALTORS® 37% of $120 Annual Dues = $44.00
Illinois Association of REALTORS® 25% of $210 Annual Dues =    $52.50
Total Dues amount that is not tax deductible =                           $96.50
Mainstreet Local Dues are 100% tax deductible