Ethics Concerns

Difficulties can result from misunderstanding, miscommunication, or lack of adequate communication. 


If you have an issue with a REALTOR®, you may want to speak with them or with a principal broker (managing broker/owner) in the firm. Open, constructive discussion often resolves questions or differences, eliminating the need for further action. If, after discussing matters with the REALTOR® or their principal broker, you are still not satisfied, MORe has a formal dispute process that can be started by filing an ethics complaint.


The Process - How to File an Ethics Complaint

After reading the Code of Ethics for 2015, if you feel that someone has violated a specific Article of the Code, you may file a complaint.  We recommend you review the Filing an Ethics Complaint flow-chart before you proceed. Please note that you must file your ethics complaint within 180 days from the time you realized that the unethical activity took place.


When filing a complaint, you are the complainant and the person you're filing against is the respondent. Your charge would be against an article of the Code of Ethics; a standard of practice can only be cited in support of the charge (i.e. 1, (1-6, 1-7, 1-15) & 3 (3-6)). You will also note that your signature is required.

You have the option of filing an online complaint through our Simple Online Standards (SOS) or using our printable form. When using the printable form, attach the form to your statement, outlining why you feel there is/was a violation based on the articles cited. You may also attach any additional information that you feel supports your case. An ethics hearing panel is instructed to base their decisions on clear, strong, and convincing evidence. To this end, you will want to include as much information as possible to support your charge.


Send a copy of the Ethics Complaint form, your statement, and any additional documentation to MORe’s Professional and Ethical Practices Department located at 6655 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL 60516

Note: There is no fee to file an ethics complaint.