Conflict Resolution

MORe offers you a better way to resolve your dispute

Even REALTORS® who are committed to high standards of conduct occasionally have honest business disputes with other professionals, clients, or customers. MORe offers you a variety of ways to resolve conflict. Not sure where to start?


Professionalism Hotline

When you have ethics or professional standards questions, you need quick answers. The MORe Professionalism Hotline is staffed by trained experts who are standing by to help members and consumers with questions relating to real estate transactions and interactions with the parties involved in the process.


To call the hotline: 630.324.8400 and select Professional & Ethical Practices

Hotline hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday  


Resolution Response Team 

Sometimes disputes just need facilitated conversation to get both parties on the same page. The MORe Resolution Response Team is a group of REALTORS® who have gone through mediation training so they can help facilitate and bridge conversations between parties in conflict. This peer-driven process is confidential and allows you to bypass a lengthy complaint process.

Contact the Resolution Response Team at 855.737.6990 or


Formal Review

If you’ve tried the hotline and Resolution Response Team, or believe you have a more serious complaint or violation to report, the Professional and Ethical Standards team at MORe is equipped to help you pursue formal ethicsmediation and/or arbitration. Check out a quick mediation vs. arbitration comparison.


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