REALTOR Excellence Program (REP)

Your Reputation: Own It, Protect It, Promote It!

In real estate, reputation means everything. Mainstreet has exclusively been selected by NAR to participate in the REALTOR® Excellence Program (REP), a real estate rating system. MORe's acceptance of the program puts you in a unique position to create a competitive edge over your competition. Mainstreet is the only Association in the Chicagoland area offering this program to its membership, and at no cost to you for the first year!


The program includes a REALTOR® rating platform, educational resources for agents and is the first and only rating system for the real estate industry. In partnership with Quality Service Certification, Inc. (QSC), REP is now available to all Mainstreet offices. Enroll your office in the program today and get started owning and promoting your real estate reputation.



How Does REP Work?

The Feedback Process

REP is an email client feedback tool based on surveys tailored to buyers and sellers. The survey is sent following the close of a transaction. To maintain integrity and validity of the survey process, a survey must be sent after every closed transaction. Surveys are emailed to the client, and emailed surveys are completely free to the participating member. In cases where a survey is sent via mail rather than email, a fee of $3.50 will be assessed in order to process a direct-mail survey.

What is helps sellers and buyers find and select an agent based on survey data aggregated from ratings by past clients. The scientifically-designed surveys are administered and processed by an independent third party assuring the integrity and validity of the ratings for professionals.

Quality Service Certification, Inc. (QSC)

QSC provides the survey mechanism, customer service and support for participating agent, managers and broker/owners with little effort on the part of participating brokerages. They are the support for the survey process. As an added benefit, participating members will have the option to take advanced customer service education and earn the Quality Service Certified® professional designation online for a nominal $50 fee.
"Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted source of brand information and messaging...,"
- Nielsen Report: Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages

Interested in attending an informational webinar on REP? 

Managing Broker Webinars Broker Webinars​
December 19, 2013
2 - 3 p.m.
Presenter: Kevin Romito 
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​Primary Contact

Kevin Romito
Quality Service Certification, Inc.​
888.547.4772 ext. 121




​Secondary Contact

​​Matt Wimpress
Quality Service Certification, Inc.
888.547.4772 ext. 122