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Sentrilock Services

Recent Change to Your SentriLock Service

One-day and contractor codes were eliminated as of March 3rd, 2014.

View the video below for more details about security of the SentriLock system and the changes that were made to one-day and contractor codes. If you have any questions or concerns please email them to


Additionally, follow this link for Q & A regarding the recent changes.


SentriSmart App - Benefits and Instructions for Downloading and Use

The SentriSmart app is available at no extra cost to all Mainstreet members as a member benefit. The video below explains the benfit of the app as well as directions for downloading the app to your iPhone or Andriod phone. 

View the SentriSmart User Guides for Apple and Andoid


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What is SentriSmart?

SentriSmart is a mobile application, allowing access to a lockbox key compartment with the use of a mobile access code instead of a SentriCard. Benefits of using the SentriSmart mobile application include: automatic listing assignments, instant showing notifications and SentriCard renewal codes for access with your SentriCard in out-of-service areas.

The SentriSmart app can be downloaded a maximum of 3 times before a user must contact Mainstreet for authoriztion. Learn more about the SentriSmart Registration Limitations.

Tech Support

Replacement Batteries Available!

-- NXT Blue Lockbox Batteries: $12 + tax
-- Gen II Gray Lockbox Batteries: $10 + tax
Batteries must be purchased at one of our four locations; shipping of batteries is not allowed for safety.
Prices subject to change
SentriLock Support is available seven days a week, 16 hours a day from 8 a.m. to midnight EST. In fact, they are only closed a total of seven days throughout the entire year!  

SentriLock has Language Line services available for those wishing to complete their support call in another language. Translation services are available for over 80 languages.

For technical support regarding SentriLock equipment (SentriCards and lockboxes) or the SentriLock web site, please contact SentriLock at one of the three options below


Obtaining SentriLock Service

Agents have two options for subscribing to SentriLock service through MORe
  • If you are not currently a member of MORe and would like to join the Association as an agent and receive SentriLock service, follow this link MORe > 
  • If you are already a member of another Association and would like only SentriLock service through MORe, please contact Mainstreet.
* Inquiries regarding obtaining SentriLock service, SentriCards, lockboxes, batteries, and any other lockbox related accessories can be directed our staff - see the staff list and locations on the right.

SentriLock Flyers

Homeowners Advantage Flyers
Other Reources

SentriLock Videos  

Transferring Lockboxes

The form below is to be used when the owner a lockbox is transferring ownbership of their box(es) to another Mainstreet member. All fields must be filled out in order to complete the request. For assistance and questions, please contact any of our supporting staff - see name list and locations on the right.

Lockbox Transfer Request Form