Mainstreet’s 2022 Consumer Campaign Hits Record High Performance

This September, Mainstreet wrapped up its fourth and most successful annual ad campaign to date aimed at helping local consumers understand why they should buy and sell their home with a Mainstreet REALTOR®. The 2022 campaign reached more than 30 million people, a 250 percent increase over 2021, and a record high since the consumer campaign began in 2019.

With recent market conditions in mind, the 2022 campaign focused primarily on addressing the lack of available housing supply, and encouraging potential sellers to list their homes with a Mainstreet REALTOR®. It also provided valuable educational content for buyers and sellers alike.

In addition to generating more than 30 million impressions, the 2022 consumer campaign resulted in more than half a million visitors to Mainstreet digital properties such as and Website visits from the campaign increased over 80 percent between 2021 and 2022.

In 2022, the consumer campaign focused on digital advertising via Google and Facebook, and podcast advertising via the Cumulus Radio Network. 

Looking Ahead

In 2023, Mainstreet plans to build upon what’s working in order to continue to grow the reach and impact of this highly successful campaign. The majority of the 2023 budget will be allocated to Google display and search ads, which were the most effective campaign tactics in 2022. We will also expand our efforts with Cumulus Radio Network in order to reach their lists of known real estate consumers in the region through emails, banner ads, social media and podcasts, rather than just podcasts alone. A portion of the budget will also be allocated to Facebook advertising.

With the success of past campaigns and the changing seasonality of the market in mind, 2023’s campaign will run almost year-round, with a brief pause in December and January. 

The 2023 campaign will continue to educate buyers and sellers about the importance of working with a Mainstreet REALTOR®. It will also provide exposure to timely and relevant content that helps ease consumers' fears about a forthcoming real estate bubble, understand how to prepare their homes for sale in 2023, and more.

We’ll share more once the campaign officially re-launches in early 2023, and welcome your ideas and feedback.