SRES Marketing Recap: Are You Reaching Your Clients?

April 10, Mainstreet Senior Services Monthly WebinarMainstreet Senior Services Committee held their monthly webinar and featured a trio of panelists ready to discuss Marketing Strategies. 

Roshaunta Lewis is the Mainstreet Senior Services Committee ChairpersonShe introduced Bruce Nemovitz, Lisa Stover and Catherine Ambrose as subject matter experts on effective communication tactics for the growing senior real estate market. For context about the growing senior’s marketplace, in the next decade Baby Boomer homeowners ages 60-75 will own nearly seven trillion dollars in equity. 

Lisa Stover was asked about how she tries to effectively use a marketing strategy to grow her business, keeping pace with an already growing market. She offered two pieces of advice for the viewers at home. First, try to find other REALTORS® dedicated to this market. Finding real estate professionals and REALTORS® working with mature adults all have stories to share and lessons to impart. Secondly, Lisa stressed the need to learn. “Learn as much as you can because the home sale is only a small part of this niche group of buyers and sellers in the SRES arena.” 

Social media was brought up to Bruce Nemovitz and he spoke candidly about the way he incorporates it into his marketing strategies. His first point was to be sure you take time to learn about the people you will be targeting with your marketing as a REALTOR®. Asking yourself, “Who do I want to see this and what is the takeaway?” Bruce took this idea a step further adding, “Another important question you should be asking is ‘where my audience gets their news and information’ because the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers don’t use the same sources as a 35-year-old.” 

When asked about what specific challenges she had faced in her time working within the SRES sphere, Catherine Ambrose highlighted her experiences with trial and error. One specific example she noted was that as a REALTOR® in the mature adult marketplace get as involved as possible with clients. She said there have been times in her career where people trying to replace an old appliance had been taken advantage of; either sold defective goods or overcharged. She said some mistakes are nearly impossible to avoid, “One time I was hosting an event at Botanical Gardens and had live music outside but placed the food inside. The seniors in attendance lined up for food, found a place to sit and ate inside without ever having listened to the eight-piece jazz band.” 

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