From Resources to Riches: Mainstreet Affiliates Add Value for REALTORS®

Mainstreet HQ, Webinar – The Senior Services Committee wrapped up their educational program webinar series with the eighth installment, focusing on how to build your REALTOR® resource team. 

The specific scope for this webinar was to highlight Mainstreet Affiliate services and resources. REALTORS® working within the Senior Services sphere have a plethora of Affiliates to choose from as Mainstreet members. Click here to access the Mainstreet Affiliate Directory.

The question becomes why should REALTORS® work with Mainstreet Affiliates? Well, for starters, it is a mutually beneficial partnership and most importantly better serves your older adult clients. Upheld by the Affiliate Code of Conduct, Mainstreet Affiliates are also strong supporters of REALTORS® and can offer education and events such as this webinar at no or minimal cost to Mainstreet REALTORS®.

Webinar sponsor panelist and Mainstreet Affiliate Gary Mages of Mages and Price, LLC provided his take on what good attorneys do when working with older adults. It’s simple: know your client. Looking out for the client’s best interests is paramount to providing them sound legal advice. Family members may get involved and there may be difficult conversations had. At the end of the day, it is the homeowner and client who need to be safeguarded. Click here to visit Mages and Price, LLC to find out more about their specific legal services.

The second Affiliate partner in this webinar was Jennifer Prell from Elderwerks. Today, she and her non-profit specialize in senior living accommodations, advocacy and education. Click here to get in contact with Elderwerks or Jennifer. Her for profit company, Paxem Inc., started back in 2006 as a small company aiming to assist seniors moving from one residence to another, simply packing their things and get organized.

Anna Minkina of Healthcare Solutions Team followed closely with her services explanation as a Mainstreet Affiliate partner. Older adults looking to retire have a long list of boxes to check before doing so. Relocation and downsizing come to mind first. Equally as important as the where and when is being insured when they get there. Anna works with her clients to make sure they are choosing the best healthcare plan that is suited to their needs. Oh, and her services are free of charge. To contact Anna and visit Healthcare Solutions Team, click here.

The fourth panelist, Mark Smolenski was representing OneTrust Home Loans. Older adults are looking to keep what matters most during retirement, which is stability. OneTrust Home Loans offers their services to assist with the day-to-day cost of living through the advantage of using a reverse mortgage. Using this equity, older adults may use their funds for paying off credit cards, reducing daily expenses, real estate taxes and even making home improvements. Click here to contact Mark or OneTrust Home Loans.

While this may have been the eighth and final webinar in their educational series, the Mainstreet Senior Services Committee is far from finished this year.

Mark your calendars and save the date because on August 12 the Senior Service Expo will be at the Frisbie Senior Center in Des Plaines from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Get connected and stay informed using education and resources brought to you by Mainstreet Senior Services Committee. Click here to register.

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