Libertyville Considering Home Rule Referendum


Libertyville officials have been considering options to fund stormwater projects over the last several months. While it appeared the Village would put forward a referendum to create a new sales tax, Trustees have changed course. During the Oct. 8th Committee of the Whole meeting, Trustees preferred the much more expansive power Home Rule provides. Specifically, home rule removes property tax caps and debt limits currently in place for the municipality. 


Additionally, elected officials gain new authorities that can greatly limit private property rights. Towns with home rule have either received approval from voters or have more than 25,000 residents. REALTORS® have consistently fought against Home Rule on behalf of all property owners. The Board could consider the referendum as early as the Oct. 22nd meeting. If you would like to learn more or get involved in fighting for private property rights, contact Joe Roth, Local Governmental Affairs Director with Illinois REALTORS®.