100 Trees. 100 Years. How Mainstreet Celebrated our Anniversary

What’s your fondest memory when it comes to nature? Maybe it was swimming in a fresh river, walking through a forest of trees or picnicking in a park with your family. We all have those places. 

The Conservation Foundation, headquartered in Naperville, preserves and restores open space and natural lands, protects rivers and watersheds, and educates individuals on environmental preservation throughout northeastern Illinois. With more than 5,000 members and 500 volunteers, the nonprofit is working hard to make sure communities across this region are well taken care of. At Mainstreet, we’re lucky to be partners with this great organization.

2021 is the year Mainstreet celebrated its 100th year anniversary. Can you believe it? As a celebration of our history and commitment to the region, we asked our REALTORS® to help in planting 100 trees across the Chicagoland community. Our partners at The Conservation Foundation supplied us with Native trees meant to thrive in the Chicagoland climate. From red oak to bur oak trees, our members had six different kinds to choose from and plant somewhere meaningful in their communities. 

Not only did REALTORS® get the opportunity to plant trees in their neighborhood, they participated in educational workshops around why trees are important to the environment, and how to select and plant one. 

“We realized the goals of Mainstreet and our community at Conservation Foundation were aligned,” said Brook McDonald, CEO of Conservation Foundation. “We both build healthy, vibrant communities where people want to feel like home.”

John Gormley, CEO of Mainstreet, recently joined the board of trustees of The Conservation Foundation. An outdoorsman himself, he saw a partnership with the organization as a great opportunity to teach more REALTORS® about land preservation.

“At Mainstreet REALTORS®, we want to improve the quality of life for those we serve whether that’s inside or outside a property,” said Gormley. “We’re really proud to give our members opportunities to participate in land conservation and restoration.” 

REALTORS® are focused locally by nature. The Conservation Foundation gives them a chance to build even stronger local communities. 

To learn more about the nonprofits that Mainstreet partners with, read our blog to stay up to date.