In-Bound International Mainstreet Trade Mission

This year at the 2021 NAR Rise and Shine Conference, Mainstreet and San Diego’s Global Council collaborated to bring international agents from over 20 countries together with their members, and facilitated a private property tour of the surrounding San Diego area. There were real estate agents from countries such as France, Ukraine, Serbia, Ireland, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Greece, Denmark, Canada, Mexico, and more, totaling over 100 attendees. This was an amazing opportunity to network and grow your business sphere into international markets and make connections from around the world in one place and on one incredibly beautiful day together. Many of those from other countries have joined Mainstreet for several years now on this annual in-bound trade mission and have become longtime friends of Mainstreet. For others this was their first time to meet Mainstreet members and to learn about who we are and the part of the United States where we live, work, and can connect them to. 

To learn more about Mainstreet’s global program and the amazing opportunities such as this and future trade missions, contact me at Let us know if you have a unique connection to other parts of the world and would be willing to be the one who can connect Mainstreet there and its resources. Together we can make a difference in our member’s career and better the real estate industry around the world by providing these kind of opportunities for all.

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