Past Year Brought Advancement... New Year Brings Excitement!


The approach of a new year always brings hope and excitement. And for many, reflections on the year almost passed.

At Mainstreet, we’ve had a great 2019. We invested heavily in our members, with major tech upgrades at all locations – to help ensure we continue to deliver the best career development opportunities anywhere. We invested heavily in both members and staff, with building upgrades at our Downers Grove headquarters and a new, convenient location in Rolling Meadows.

Last May, we added Forewarn as a member benefit. And this November, we brought on Tech Helpline. These are at no additional cost (included in your membership dues).

In second quarter 2020, we’ll be adding a third major member benefit – Proxio. President Brian Kwilosz and yours truly, along with the rest of your Mainstreet board of directors, believe this could be a game-changer for Mainstreet REALTORS®.

Proxio is a worldwide network of property listings and real estate agent profiles. Mainstreet REALTORS® will have access to this global network, when logging into, at no charge. Both listings and profiles can be translated into multiple languages with a simple click.

From research and experience, we know that the Chicago area continues to be a beacon for businesses and families from around the world. Proxio will help us capitalize on this interest for Mainstreet. Special thanks to our Global Committee for wanting to share these opportunities with all members.

As part of the Proxio platform, members’ listings and Proxio profiles will be visible to consumers on Any consumer inquiries (leads) will go straight to the listing agent – also at no charge. This represents an enhancement for our consumer-facing campaign, too. Because when consumers search online for real estate-related things, they really want property information.

In this way, we’re relevant to consumers by giving them what they’re looking for … while keeping Mainstreet REALTORS® plugged in, visible, and essential to the real estate process. In fact, we’re also rolling out a new set of marketing tools in 2020 for members to leverage Mainstreet’s consumer campaign … and make deeper consumer connections of your own.

Look for more information on Proxio and our 2020 consumer campaign in the next few months.

In the meantime, let me close by saying thanks for being part of our wonderful Mainstreet REALTORS® family. We’re constantly striving to give you MORe (pun intended). And you can always come home to Mainstreet.

Happy New Year!