Community Partners for Affordable Housing: Help People in the Northern Suburbs Because "Everyone Should Have a Place to Call Home"


Chicagoland nonprofit Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) is a full-service housing nonprofit that develops and provides affordable housing and related services in the northern suburbs of Chicago. CPAH programs help locals rent, buy and repair properties, and save their homes from foreclosure. 

“Affordable housing is fundamental,” Amy Kaufman, Director of Development and Community Relations at CPAH, said. “Without it, everything else falls apart. It’s something that many people take for granted, but it’s fundamental for people to live safe, productive lives. Without it, there are fewer resources for food, transportation or healthcare. In addition, affordable housing fosters inclusive, diverse, successful communities.”

Community Partners for Affordable Housing’s Programs and Services

In its current form, CPAH has only been around for about a year, but the three organizations that came together to provide a continuum of affordable housing services have a combined 80 years of experience. They were: The Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County, Lake County Residential Development Corporation, and Community Partners for Affordable Housing, which at the time was a solely a community land trust. The three organizations worked together so extensively that combining forces made clear sense. The new CPAH launched in January 2019.

Each of the three organizations brought different programs and services to the table. Now, CPAH offers a full suite of services, including: 

  • A community land trust, which builds, acquires and rehabilitates homes in high cost areas which are then sold or rented  to low- and moderate-income households 

  • Homebuyer education classes

  • Homebuyer counseling

  • Financial counseling and coaching

  • Down payment assistance

  • Home repairs for eligible homeowners

  • Home accessibility grants for eligible homeowners

  • Foreclosure prevention resources

  • Foreclosure mediation

  • Foreclosure counseling

  • Rent assistance

CPAH also directly manages affordable rental housing and works with local governments to create and preserve affordable housing through existing inclusionary housing ordinances. 

While the organizations that now make up CPAH always referred clients to each other, offering so many services in-house has been a new opportunity for CPAH to further its mission.

“Most people come to us for a specific reason, but if we are doing our jobs right we are able to offer multiple services to help each client succeed,” Kaufman said.  

CPAH’s services vary across the northern suburbs. For more information on which specific programs are available in which areas, visit the CPAH website

Community Partners for Affordable Housing and Mainstreet

The partnership between CPAH and Mainstreet is new, but Kaufman is optimistic that Mainstreet members can make a big difference to the people CPAH serves. 

“It’s a tremendous plus for us that Mainstreet members are aware of CPAH,” Kaufman said. “It will help us help more people. REALTORS®️ understand what housing does for people.”

CPAH is always looking for new ways to reach the people who need their services most. That includes in-person programs at libraries and adult education classes, flyers, digital channels and more. By introducing CPAH to Mainstreet REALTORS®️, Kaufman aims to broaden the organization’s reach and impact. 

Amy Robey, Mainstreet’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, recently joined the CPAH Advisory Board. She’s looking forward to working closely with Kaufman; Board Chair Eve B. Lee, a Mainstreet member; and the rest of the CPAH team to develop the partnership.

”Mainstreet members are so involved in their communities, and this is a way for them to give back to their neighbors,” Robey said. “I hope that Mainstreet members who meet people in Lake County who could benefit from CPAH’s service will share information with them.” 

CPAH is one of six nonprofits that Mainstreet has partnered with to give back to our communities. To read more about all of them, keep an eye on our blog