How to Become a Better REALTOR® During Illinois' Stay-At-Home Orders


 The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed what real estate transactions look like, and caused many homebuyers and homesellers to put their moves on hold. But if you’re finding yourself with less work at the moment, you can use the time you’d normally be working with clients to build relationships and skills that will serve you well in the future. Here’s how:

Build Relationships

Even though there are restrictions on in-person interactions, there are still plenty of ways to build relationships with clients during this time. Everyone’s feeling the strain of uncertainty right now, and people who are considering a move or have put their plans for a move on hold have so many questions. 

As REALTORS®️, we’re the experts on homebuying and homeselling. And while there are limits on how much we can predict at a time like this, we can certainly answer questions and provide emotional support to our communities at this time.   

If you’ve been established as a REALTOR®️ for a while, you likely already have social media and other digital tools in place to share your knowledge and connect with your community online. If you don’t, now is the time to start building that up. For more advice on building relationships during the pandemic, read our piece in Chicago Agent, “How to stay connected with clients during the pandemic.”

Continue Your Education

Here at Mainstreet, we know REALTOR®️ education is one of the most important services we offer our members. COVID-19 doesn’t change that one bit — it only changes how we can provide that education. 

Our staff has been hard at work transitioning our upcoming classes to all-digital formats so you can keep working on your CE credits without missing a beat. And, if you find yourself with some free time during the stay-at-home orders, you can use this time to build additional skills. 

There are numerous important topics scheduled for the coming month, including:

  • Virtual News & Brews: iBuying (Tuesday, May 19)

    • iBuyers have been on the rise for the past few years. This panel will discuss how to answer consumer questions about iBuyers and what they can gain from working with a REALTOR®️.

  • Think Outside the Box - Info Sparks - During the Stay-at-Home Order (Tuesday, May 19; Wednesday, May 27)

    • This 2 CE hours course will help you learn the InfoSparks program so you can stay on top of market changes and better understand market trends, especially in this unusual time. 

  • Global Impact on Local Markets (Wednesday, May 27)

    • In this seminar from Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®️ and Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS®️, our local Economic Development Directors will talk about each region’s market, the impacts of global events and what Economic Developers are doing for local businesses during this time.

  • ABR: Accredited Buyers Representative (Monday, June 15; Tuesday, June 16)

    • Accredited Buyer’s Representatives (ABR®) designees earn more, and member benefits such as publications, marketing tools, a referral network and other resources, help them maintain that edge. Now is the time to work on your certification with this course, worth 12 CE hours. 

These are just a small sampling of our upcoming courses. Browse our virtual classes and sign up to build your skills.