Mainstreet Update from CEO John Gormley. Introducing Proxio Connect!


Today finds me hopeful. I hope the start of the Chicagoland summer finds you well, both personally and professionally.

I hope you've weathered the health, safety and economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, and are starting to reap the benefits of a rebounding market. 

At Mainstreet, we've tried very hard to continue to serve you at a high level during challenging times. Our board has consistently voted over these past three-and-a-half months to hold the line on costs and delay fees as long as possible. Our staff has gone the extra mile, working remotely, to provide vital services. 

Thanks for hanging in there. And honestly, your success is Mainstreet's success.

That’s why we’ve decided there will be no dues increase in 2021 for Mainstreet REALTORS®. This means that your 2021 dues invoice, when it goes out at the end of this month, will be the same total as it was for 2020. That’s right.

And while we’re holding the line on your costs, we’re doubling down on your benefits. In addition to providing outstanding member service, education and networking opportunities, over this past year we’ve added several big-ticket items to your membership package (at no additional cost):

And as of 7.8.2020…

What is Proxio Connect? It’s a global platform to increase your visibility … and present your listings … to consumers here in Chicagoland and to 800,000 real estate agents worldwide.

And the best thing about Proxio Connect is you don’t have to do anything to have it working for you. It’s all set up for you, as long as your primary membership is with Mainstreet. Secondary members will have some access to Proxio Connect but, unlike primary members, won’t have their listings automatically appear on

Of course, we will have an introductory livestream training course late July/early August and advanced training rolling out this fall for those members who want a deeper dive into Proxio Connect … to take maximum advantage of it. To view classes, please visit our calendar.

I hope you’re as excited about these developments as I am. I’m proud of our board and staff who continually strive to provide MORe value for members.

There’s never been a better time to come home to Mainstreet. Thanks for being a Mainstreet REALTOR®!

P.S. Now, I could really use your help on something.

We have a survey out to the membership and participation has been good but not great. That's why we've extended the final deadline to July 15. My concern is if we don't get enough participation, our results won't constitute a representative sample of all Mainstreet REALTORS®. However, if done correctly, this survey can help us help you make more money in the future.

This survey, conducted by NAR Research on Mainstreet's behalf, is designed to quantify the level of international business in our Chicagoland market. It's part of our overall strategy to help members better understand and benefit from global interest in the Chicago area. It doesn't matter if you’ve never done a transaction with a foreign buyer. In fact, it helps us to know whether you have or haven't. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!