Home Updates - July 2021


The Updates That Will Help Your Home Sell

It’s a seller’s market, and you have probably seen that the average time Chicagoland homes spend on the market is way down, and the average price they sell for is way up. But those numbers are just that, averages. If you want your home to be in high demand, you still need to get it ready to sell with updates that will entice potential buyers. 

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Look around your home. Are the light fixtures looking run-down or out of fashion? Replacing old ceiling fans and lighting, including exterior lighting, can really spruce up the look of your home. Additionally, modern options are often more energy efficient than older fixtures, so potential buyers who are concerned about their environmental impact or energy costs will be happy to see these green upgrades. 

Sustainability Is In

Speaking of eco-friendly homebuyers changes, today’s homebuyers want all sorts of sustainable options in their new homes. 

Some simple green upgrades include adding smart light bulbs, which allow a homeowner to easily turn lights on and off via their smartphone or smart device. This can help better manage electricity and save hundreds of dollars annually in utility bills. You can also consider a smart thermostat, which has sensors that can be programmed to adjust the temperature in individual rooms or based on the time of day. A homeowner can also adjust a smart thermostat from their phone if they are away during a heat wave or a cold snap. 

If you’re willing to make a bigger investment, solar panels are a great option, but will mean waiting a while longer to list your home.

Curb Appeal Catches Buyer Attention

How long has it been since you painted your home? A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for how your home looks from the street and on online listings. This is the first impression all potential buyers will make of your home, so it’s worth spending what you need to in order to get it looking good. 

Make sure the plants in your yard are healthy and looking good, as these will also draw potential buyers’ eyes. If you need to make some updates to your landscaping, research the plants that could be right for you. Native Illinois plants can beautify your yard while helping to preserve the region’s unique ecosystem and providing a home for local birds and butterflies. You can learn more about Illinois’ native plants on The Conversation Foundation’s website

Check features like fences and walkways for any needed repairs. Small upgrades here can improve both the look and function of your property. 

Bigger Upgrades Can Pay Off

The National Association of Home Builders’s 2020 What Home Buyers Really Want report found that laundry rooms, hardwood floors, walk-in pantries and patios were all highly-desired features.

If your home doesn’t have these, adding them can be expensive and time-consuming. However, if done well, they can increase buyer interest and sale price. Whether these are a fit for any given home also depends on your neighborhood, home and price point. Talk to your Mainstreet REALTOR® about whether any of these upgrades are right for you.