A Day in the Life of a New Agent - Robert

A Day in the Life of a New Agent - Robert

"Day in the Life" is a one-on-one discussion with new REALTORS® to get straight talk on what it's like to enter into the business - the good and the challenging. Our goal with this series is twofold - create an opportunity for new members to learn from one another and to offer managing broker's insight into how new members are adjusting in their new careers. Individual names are anonymous to allow members to speak openly.

About "Robert"

Robert earned his real estate license in August and began working as a broker full-time in November.

Tell us about your first few months as a REALTORS®?

After securing my licensing and taking the JumpStart course offered by MORe, I started to list properties and get myself out there. I had a few deals fall through early on for a host of reasons. While I know these things are bound to happen, it does shake your confidence a bit, especially in the early part of your career.

How do you get yourself back on track?

First, I have a great managing broker who is really supportive. I met with her weekly for about 30 minutes to address questions I had, review deals I may be working on, etc. Knowing that her door was always open was really helpful.

I started using MORe's Pathway to Success as well, which was helpful in providing specific information about building a business plan or ways to engage my sphere of influence. It's also great to just get new ideas or a different perspective on things I was already thinking about. I would spend 10-15 minutes a few times a month going through and completing some of the steps.

I also took a sales training course offered by my company. I went through it twice, actually, since I knew I didn't retain everything the first time.

How are you marketing your business?

For me, it's all about engaging my sphere. I'm not from the area originally so I don't have an extensive network, but I was a teacher several years ago and my former students are just about the age where they are starting to buy their first homes. Their parents and friends are making their way into my sphere as well.

I use email marketing, postcards and Facebook primarily. Email marketing is a great way to stay in front of people and Facebook is a great tool for more frequent interactions. I comment on people's status and keep my Facebook business page current.

Handwritten cards haven't really proven to be very effective, but I may still use them from time to time.

Best advice for others just getting started?

Treat your job in real estate like any other career; show up every day and stay busy. There's always something to do. Engage your sphere, learn something new, complete a step or two along the Pathway to Success. Find ways to get inspired, think differently about how you run your business or to get new ideas.

We have a lot of flexibility in this line of work, but if you don't show up every day, you won't get the business or the referrals.