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From changing federal regulations to buying and selling trends and what the next digital marketing shift will be, REAL Trends has your back when it comes to staying on the cutting edge of what’s happening in housing. Each month, a new, timely edition of REAL Trends is launched bringing you the important updates on everything technology, economy, and business related for your industry.

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Each newsletter features commentary from Steve Murray on the state of real estate along with forward-thinking articles from guest contributors such as Larry Kendall of Ninja Selling and Sue Johnson, former CEO of RESPRO.

Buyers and Sellers Still Need You

September 2018

Pending Home Sales Down - Again

August 2018

Data Tells a Story

July 2018

Competing With New Business Models

June 2018

Women in Real Estate Leadership

May 2018

The Age of Amazon: The Online Experience

April 2018

The Age of Amazon: Commoditized Products and Services

March 2018

The Age of Amazon: What Causes Incumbents to Fall?

February 2018

Will the New Tax Laws Affect Housing? Yes!

January 2018 Edition

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