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Professional Practices

Government Affairs

Most real estate transactions are completed smoothly. But, when questions arise, the Professional and Ethical Practices team at Mainstreet is a go-to resource to help guide your professional path.

Our goal is to help members understand today’s market dynamics and how advances in technology, changes in consumer behavior and an evolving business and regulatory climate can impact your work.

Our Services

  • CORE BUSINESS SERVICES - our team provides new member on-boarding to ensure everyone entering the profession is grounded in the codes and standards of real estate. We also keep all members up to date with changes to license laws and maintain the required forms and contracts you need to run your business.

  • RISK MITIGATION AND MANAGEMENT - we provide ongoing education and training to keep you ahead of the trends, law changes and issues that may impact how you do business. Schedule your personal office visit or learn about an upcoming training.

  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION - disputes happen, so Mainstreet offers varying degrees of informal and formal support to help bring resolution.
  • Hotline - confidential answers to quick, straightforward questions
  • Resolution Response Team dedicated and trained team of your peers help facilitate  amicable resolution so you don’t need to enter into a formal resolution process
  • Formal Review - when disputes and ethics violations require professional oversight, we provide services to mediate and arbitrate complaints in a timely manner.

Due process is an essential aspect of our offering.  Due process is defined as the right to a full and fair hearing before an impartial tribunal with a full and complete knowledge of the charges made and with adequate opportunity to prepare a defense.

The Professional and Ethical Practices department administers three major processes: