International Property Markets Scoreboard: Prospecting for International Business

Downers Grove Office - A
6655 Main Street, Classroom A
Downers Grove, IL 60516
9:30 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Bill Endsley
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Description Have you ever wanted to learn more about opportunities in international markets that can help grow your real estate business? What if there was a practical method for measuring those global markets that could help you analyze where those opportunities were around the world? Would you want to know that method?

If so, this workshop is one you can't afford to miss. Join us for a presentation by Bill Endsley with
World Citizen Consulting on his International Property Markets Scoreboard technique.

World Citizen Consulting provides strategic solutions for organizations interested in practical results in international markets specializing in the finance, insurance and real estate sector. This global workshop will assist any REALTOR
® or business leader that is eager to participate in the global economy.

About your speaker:

"Bill Endsley is an expert on international real estate issues. He's a hard worker and critical thinker, and I would recommend him to those seeking assistance with global economic issues," Bill Garber Appraisal Institute, Director of Government and External Relations.

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