As a REALTOR® member of the Association, you have access to the Midwest Real Estate Data LLC. MRED strives to be at the forefront of mls services, whether it’s providing users their choice of numerous browser based systems, free training, or offering help desk & technical support via phone, fax, internet text chat or on-site office visits. 
Not Sure Where to Start? See MRED's recommended sequence of classes and online webinars!

Interested in taking MRED training classes?

Mainstreet offers training at many of its location. See a full schedule of upcoming MRED training courses.

Need assistance or have a question for MRED?

If you need assistance with connectMLS, listing IDX feeds, accessing MRED on your mobile phone, forms, listing input questions/changes, etc., feel free to call them at 630.955.2755.
Photo Department direct line: 630.955.0011