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FRaud not just for seniors

June 9, 2016fraud.jpg
By Ron Brow, MORe Now Contributor
Mainstreet recently hosted Senior Expos in Arlington Heights and Downers Grove. One of the topics that was addressed at both locations was Senior Fraud Protection.

But, as Berenice Martinez from the Attorney General’s Office in Illinois pointed out, fraud isn’t only for seniors.

“It’s not only the seniors, but anyone from 18 to 86 and beyond,” said Martinez, a Community Outreach Liaison-Latino Affairs as she addressed the attendees at the Downers Grove Expo.

Martinez said that fraud has become more common than you’d like to believe and data breaches are a big reason for the increase. Since 2005, there have been 4,000 data breaches affecting over 857 million records and, for the most part, businesses don’t alert the consumers until the public is alerted to it. A bill has been passed and will be active in January of 2017 in Illinois that would force businesses to acknowledge they have been breached...

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