Get Smart with SentriSmart Technology!

​January 27, 2014
By Amy Robey, MORe Now Contributor

Be sure to download the SentriSmart app, the new mobile application now available to Mainstreet Association of REALTORS® members that serves as your lockbox connection. This new member-designed app, which is easy to install on your phone, gives you quick, easy access to properties through its cutting edge technology. Keep in mind that because of this new tool, effective March 1, one-day codes will no longer be available.
The new SentriSmart app is available through the App Store and Google Play from your iPhone, iPad or Android.
"As the marketplace evolves, Mainstreet's top goal is to maintain the integrity
of the lockbox system," said Michael Parent, president of the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®. "The SentriSmart app is using the latest in technology to protect the homeowner's property. It is designed for the relative ease of use by members to assist them while they are in the field."
Your phone is already indispensable, which makes this additional tool a no-brainer to download.
Some key points with the app:
• No daily updates
• Automatic listing Assignments if the box hasn’t been assigned to a property
• Instant showing notifications

How are members are liking the new app features?

Andrew Sipes, a broker with Re/Max Center Grayslake comments: "I downloaded the app immediately as soon as it became available. I didn't want to constantly be reminded to use the SentriCard. The app makes it easy to scan and access properties.  I have not used the card since the app. I have had absolutely no problems with the app and because I always carry my smartphone with me it makes the process much easier."
David Ramirez, of United Real Estate Chicago in Oakbrook Terrace likes the convenience of using the new SentriSmart app. "I constantly have my phone with me so it just makes the whole process a lot easier. You don't have to worry about losing the card or forgetting the card in a property. The card stays in my wallet as back-up. The conversion to the SentriSmart app is something that needed to be done," said Ramirez.
Members will want to continue to carry their SentriCard with them as a back-up for gaining access to property. If your mobile device loses its connection or is out of service, the SentriSmart app will switch into off-line mode. When your device is in this mode, you can obtain a mobile renewal code to renew your SentriCard.
All MORe members have access to SentriLock (and the SentriSmart app) for no additional fee. Members who have never attended the SentriLock Conversion will need to purchase equipment. Those agents have already been notified and are able to purchase equipment at a reduced rate.
"The SentriLock system will work more effectively and efficiently as everyone uses either the SentriSmart app or a SentriCard," said Parent. 
MORe members should review the SentriLock questions and answers to learn more about the new SentriSmart app and how the new technology will make the process more efficient.
Download instructions for using the mobile app
Learn more about SentriSmart app online at MORe website at: Sentrilock Services



 Get Smart With SentriSmart Technology!

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