A Fire Sprinkler Mandate is a Bad Idea for Illinois

By Mary Schaefer, MORe Now Contributor


Send a message to Illinois legislators and the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) that an Illinois Fire Sprinkler Mandate is harmful to consumers and the economy at NoSprinklerMandate.com.

Proposed changes to the Life Safety Code would mandate that all new single-and-two family residential construction must have fire sprinkler systems.

The rule changes were filed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal in the Notice of Rulemaking in the Illinois Register on June 28th. The proposed rule would also impose new retrofitting requirements for high-rise buildings. IAR has created a new web site to educate members and the public about this proposed mandate. Consumers and REALTORS® can send a message to legislators/Joint Committee for Administrative Rules (JCAR) from the new website NoSprinklerMandate.com.

The Illinois Association of REALTORS® has long opposed a fire sprinkler mandate, noting the mandate adds significantly to the price tag for a new home.

IAR research has shown that a sprinkler system installed in construction of a new averaged-size home would be more than $10,000 with additional construction and inspection costs factored in. 

IAR has produced a three-minute video which outlines reasons why the proposed fire sprinkler mandate is bad for the state’s residents.

The Office of the State Fire Marshal has announced it will hold a public hearing in Springfield on its proposed update of the Life Safety Code. The public hearing will be at 9 a.m. on Aug. 6th at the Illinois State Fire Marshal’s office at 1035 Stevenson Drive in Springfield. Town hall meetings were also held in Chicago on July 31. See WGN news story, Chicago Sun-Times news stories and IAR reports. According to IAR, the code update would have a huge impact on Chicago residents due to the large number of buildings built there before 1975. These buildings would fall under a mandate to install sprinkler systems, despite the presence of strict city fire codes and the expenditure of millions by building owners on fire safety. The costs could range into the millions for some buildings.

IAR is joined by a host of other organizations opposing this mandate, including the City of Chicago, Homebuilders Association of Illinois, Illinois Retail Merchants Association and many others .

The Illinois Association of REALTORS® has issued a call to action to urge all Illinois REALTORS®  to let policymakers know that a proposed Life Safety Code overhaul would be bad for business and residents of the state.


Take part in this URGENT call to action on this issue!


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