Looking for a Way to Better Serve Clients? Then Check Out the NAR Green Designation!

October 18, 2017green_home_designation_efficiency.jpg
By Lena Parsons, MORe Now Contributor

Builder and consumer adoption of sustainability and green applications is rapidly growing...will you be ready to guide your clients? Later this month, MORe is offering a great new class for 6 C.E. credits that any agent would be able to enjoy and get something out of it.

Taught by MORe member and green home expert Laura Reedy-Stukel, the two-day Green Designation Course (ENV 1224), is a newly-revised NAR course on greening homes and evaluating property for green impact. This is the first time MORe, or anyone, has offered this class in Illinois.

Laura says the class has the flavor of a cable home makeover show and is accessible to everyone. “There’s a perception green can be boring or scientific, but really this is a chance to learn how homes operate and what makes them work better and be able to give that info to your clients.”

Laura says a good way to think of the impact of green on home sales is generationally because everyone has a specific green motive.

Most people think of younger buyers, millennials, as the principle green generation. Millennials generally face historic amounts of personal debt and also have other major interests (travel, social lives, charitable giving) in their budget so for them, they see a green home as a cost-savings measure.

Move-up buyers, those in their 30s and usually with growing families who have owned property before, already have a sense of what they need in a home and realize indoor air quality, energy efficiency, home safety - all green qualities - are what are important for their expanding home needs.

Finally, baby boomers are beginning to live on fixed incomes and see green as a way to manage future costs. They may not care about the solar panels for the solar energy benefit, but realize the cash outlay now replaces a monthly energy bill in the future.

A two-day course Oct. 30 and 31, the offering teaches how a well-maintained home is a green home that saves energy, is comfortable to live in and saves money. Understanding the resources to back up those claims is important to be a good green advocate to clients, Laura says.

Day one covers the basics of a resource-efficient home, and is focused on the MORe market, which is primarily how existing homes can become more energy efficient. Class material starts with small DIY projects (new, energy-efficient appliances), moves to remodeling an existing home (low-flow toilets) and then covers major home renovations (new insulation in attic and walls) and finally what happens when you construct from the ground up to make a fully green home.

Day two then covers the powerful Energy Star brand/designation and what it means. Energy Star homes sell faster and at a higher price, Laura says, and constructing more of them in Illinois will propel the green home boom.

Illinois is a great market for green home new construction because the state building codes are some of the strictest nationally and are very close to the Energy Star designation.

NAR's Green Designation provides advanced training in green building and sustainable business practices so that you can seek out, understand, and market properties with green features. You don’t want to miss this class at the end of the month!


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