MORe Creates Commercial Alliance Community

June 12, 2015
By Mary Schaefer, MORe Now Contributor
Bringing Together Commercial Real Estate Practitioners Throughout the Chicagoland Area
The Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® has announced the formation of the Commercial Alliance, bringing together commercial real estate practitioners from throughout the Chicagoland Area. Through seminars, panel discussions, events and education, the Alliance is focused on creating a community uniting REALTORS® and non-REALTOR® commercial practitioners, commercial property owners, developers and commercial service professionals to build each other's careers.
The Alliance is intent on providing commercial practitioners with up-to-date information and access to tools and resources beneficial to their business. MORe is at work to create an on-line forum for exchange among the commercial alliance members.
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How can you join the Alliance?

Membership in the MORe Commercial Alliance requires attendance at a minimum of at least one Alliance seminar or panel discussion. Active commercial real estate brokers can register to be included in the MORe Directory of Commercial Agents at, a website community specifically for commercial brokers nationwide. is an open website that serves as an online directory of commercial brokers, including a property database, a search tool for brokers seeking specific commercial properties and a blog focused exclusively for the commercial broker (all active commercial real estate brokers, REALTORS® or non-REALTORS® are accepted).
The Alliance is the brainchild of the members of the MORe Commercial Alliance Committee.

MORe Commercial Chair Perspective

KristianLee-2015-02-20-150x200.jpgMainstreet member Kristian Lee, who is current chair of the MORe Commercial Alliance Committee, knows firsthand the value of the creation of the MORe Commercial Alliance. When Lee, at the age of 25, started as a commercial real estate broker in 2003, he was not immediately sold on the value of joining the REALTOR® Association. For one, he quickly learned that most commercial properties are not listed and sold in the regional multiple listing service and the managing broker of the company he worked for was not a REALTOR® member. It was not until 2012 when he began work for a managing broker that was a REALTOR® member that he joined the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS®.
At that time, his managing broker encouraged him to join the Commercial Committee of MORe. Lee saw this as an opportunity to get involved and expand his network with other commercial REALTORS® and to increase his professional knowledge about the business. Within one-year of serving on the committee, he was appointed Co-Chair and set his mission on working to expand the level of services offered to commercial members through the REALTOR® Association.
"The first thing I noticed when joining the committee was that a lot of the education programs being offered seemed more focused on educating residential brokers about commercial real estate," said Lee, Vice President of Suburban Real Estate Services in Lisle. "I saw this as an opportunity to provide direct input into how we can better service those who broker commercial real estate on a full-time basis and offer specific educational programs geared towards their needs. The professional development of commercial brokers clearly needed to be more specialized.
By doing so, we hope we are successful in attracting non-REALTOR® brokers to join the REALTOR® Association while providing direct value to commercial REALTORS® who are members. We see this as a bold direction for the Association. We
Be sure to register for the upcoming MORe Commercial Alliance Panel Discussion on June 19th - eResources for Commercial Real Estate Professionals
definitely need more opportunities for networking and exchange between commercial REALTORS® in the Chicagoland area and we hope our Alliance offers that."
Through the recently created Commercial Alliance, MORe is working to increase the value of services offered to commercial members.
"At the same time, we see the Alliance as expanding its reach beyond MORe boundaries. We are inviting other REALTOR® Associations in the area to encourage their commercial members to come to the seminars we have. This opens a doorway to creating collaboration and beneficial relationships between local REALTOR® Associations while creating an enhanced level of service to all commercial brokers," said Lee.
"While the sheer number of commercial brokers are not as large as residential real estate brokers, networking and the sharing of information is crucial. I might have a client who is looking for a specific property type in the Chicagoland area, and through our Alliance, we are looking to build more of an exchange to learn who just might specialize in a specific commercial property niche and have that right property I am looking for."
Hosting an event or class that would be of benefit for Chicagoland area commercial real estate practitioners? Send details  to Check out the commercial calendar online
Lee indicates that advancing the professional knowledge of commercial REALTORS® is critically important. The professional development programs offered are open to not only REALTORS® but also to non-REALTORS® to hopefully build a more cross-sector alliance.
"We want to offer unique learning experiences for all and specialized professional development courses while also providing new programs that open up new channels of information," he says indicating that the commercial seminars are being offered via livestream for those who register as well. "We hope through the online forum we create, we can get more members engaged in conversations to develop new connections. We want to keep the momentum and energy going we have created thus far with the Alliance." 
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