MORe Signs Cross-Border Agreement with AMPI

The Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® signed cross-border agreements with AMPI (the Mexican Association of REALTORS) and AMPI Los Cabos and AMPI Morelia at the Viva Mexico! International Investment Forum held in June in Los Cabos, Mexico. 
 "This referral agreement will assist MORe members in gaining access to information there about real estate investment opportunities. MORe REALTORS® can connect with that particular market to assist buyers here in the second home market there," said Kate Sax, Director of Professional Standards for MORe. Sax represented MORe at the Forum along with Vanessa Falcon, Chairman of MORe Global to sign the agreement. The Viva Mexico! forum included over 100 U.S., Canadian, and Mexican professionals from Mexico's key residential tourism areas.
The forum addressed investment, resort and second-home business opportunities. Chris Polychron, 2015 President of the National Association of REALTORS® presented details on investment opportunities in the United States.
 "This is great potential for our members to connect with that particular market through real estate investment. It is a booming area in terms of development and hopefully this will also allow AMPI members to refer business back to Illinois. Governor Quinn conducted a trade mission in Mexico in April that may bring greater potential for trade and economic expansion cross-border," said Sax. 
"Based on the findings of the forum we will posting further information on the MORe website at and through so REALTORS® can learn how they can take part in further cross-border transactions through the agreement now active with AMPI," said Sax. "MORe will be working with NAR on promoting the availability of listings back and forth so our members can be up to speed on property that is available for purchase there."
The recovering U.S. real estate market translates to increased migration to sunny retirement destinations for baby boomers and second home buyers. Mexico is the #1 foreign destination for U.S. buyers; but the investment is a two-way street as well, with Mexico placing #3 for inbound (U.S.) investment, only after Canada and China. This cross-border business opens doors to real and tangible referral business for Mainstreet members. Vacation home sales accounted for 11 percent of all transactions in 2012 according to the NAR Investment and Vacation Homebuyers Survey. 
The event was organized by the Mexican Association of REALTORS®, AMPI with the National Association of REALTORS® as a strategic partner. The forum was designed as a yearlong effort by AMPI and NAR to educate both memberships on the cross-border business opportunities that exist. 
 "The National Association of REALTORS® has been working with AMPI and local Global Business councils throughout the United States to begin developing relationships between AMPI members and local REALTOR associations," said Margery Shinners, MORe Global liaison. "Because of the large Hispanic population in the Chicagoland area and the opportunity for business relationships to develop and transactions to occur, the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS was considered as a partner in this new initiative. We look forward to forming relationships and helping our members to learn more about the cross-border business opportunities that are available." 
The program is considered a long-term initiative for MORe Global in order to provide more valuable member education, the potential for trade missions, and gateway of opportunity to connect members with resources and knowledge needed to conduct business in Mexico and do referrals with members of the Mexican Association of REALTORS® (AMPI).
MORe Global was formed to foster global growth of real estate business and broaden multi-cultural understanding within the real estate community with knowledge acquired through training, networking and resource sharing.   
Watch the Global Business section of the MORe website for more details.

 MORe Signs Cross-Border Agreement With AMPI

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