Volunteer Committees

Future of MORe

Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® is committed to your success and relies on engaged and committed volunteers to fulfill its mission. Volunteering for Mainstreet’s Committees and Advisory Groups is an opportunity to help shape the future of the Organization. Below you will find explanations of the Committees that help make our Organization successful. Mainstreet's Committees are open for acceptance from May 15th - July 15th each year. Please check back and apply at that time.   

Committees & Task Forces

Affiliate Committee

Comprised of non-REALTOR® members who work in related fields (i.e. attorneys, appraisers, loan officers, title insurance companies, etc.); this Committee helps plan outings and are strong supporters of the Association's activities. The Affiliate Committee hosts educational and networking events throughout the year, including the annual Oktoberfest, Vendor Showcase and numerous Panels at the Pub where committee members talk about the hot topics that members should be aware of. 

Audit/Finance Committee

Comprised of the Executive Committee, Past Presidents and individuals with a financial background; this Committee meets with the independent auditor to discuss the results of the annual audit and subsequent acceptance, any key financial data, issues or disclosures, as well as the annual 990 return.
The Audit/Finance Committee also meets annually with the Investment Managers of the Long-Term Investment Funds. They review or adjust the investment policy, intended restrictions of the MORe Financial Reserves, and discuss any issue that has a financial impact on the Association. 

Broker/Lawyer Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Managing Brokers and non-REALTOR® real estate attorneys throughout MORe’s jurisdiction; this Committee creates, reviews, and revises all of MORe’s contracts and forms. The Broker/Lawyer Committee is responsible for keeping the members up to date on matters related to the Code of Ethics, the Illinois Real Estate License Act, and state and federal case law through the use of forms and contracts. Additionally, the Committee hosts and develops the Law Day Seminars each year.

Citation Panel

Comprised of REALTOR® Members with experience on the Professional Standards or Grievance Committee; this Committee reviews citations that are filed with the Association. The Citation Panel determines if the citation complaint is a violation of the Code of Ethics pursuant to the qualifying violations defined in the Citation Policy and issues fines accordingly.

Commercial Alliance Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members who are commercial practitioners or would like to become commercial practitioners; this Committee is a community built around the foundation of bringing together commercial real estate practitioners throughout the Chicagoland area. The Commercial Alliance Committee provides up-to-date information for professionals that work within the commercial real estate industry.
The Commercial Alliance Committee also maintains the Commercial Alliance Forum for those members who wish to be involved, but not on the Committee.

Consumer Outreach Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; this Committee works towards strengthening a direct outreach to the consumer to boost the value of using a REALTOR®.  This Committee assists in reaffirming that MORe is a reliable source for real estate information and an advocate for homeowners.

Education Advisory Group

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; this Committee keeps their fingertips on the pulse of the industry to respond to MORe members' education needs. The Committee identifies topics, trends, and speakers to ensure MORe is responsive to members’ needs in the current marketplace.

Golf Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members and non-REALTOR® Affiliate Members; this Committee develops and organizes the annual Golf event for members and guests. The outing provides networking opportunities for MORe REALTOR® members and Affiliates.

Government Affairs Committees (Central, South, North & Lake)

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; this Committee identifies existent and emerging local issues that impact upon the ownership and use of real property and/or the business of real estate licensees generally. The Government Affairs Committees meet monthly to review, discuss and recommend specific positions on legislation and regulatory initiatives. 

Grievance Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; this Committee reviews ethics complaints and arbitration requests filed with the Association to determine if a hearing is to be warranted. The Grievance Committee makes only such preliminary evaluations as is necessary to make those decisions. 

Global Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members who have completed the initial CIPS Class; this Committee develops programs and services to meet the international global needs of our REALTOR® Members. The Global Committee fosters global growth of real estate business and broadens multi-cultural understanding within the real estate community with knowledge acquired through training, networking and resource sharing.
The Global Committee also maintains the Global Business Council for those members who wish to be involved, but not on the Committee.

Leadership Development Committee

Comprised of the Executive Committee and Past Presidents; this Committee assists in developing the Leadership Development Program. The Leadership Development Committee develops programs intended to inspire, educate and encourage members of MORe to become involved at the leadership level and to provide the tools to be the best leader they can be.

Nominating Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members as defined in the bylaws; this Committee reviews candidate applications for a Board of Directors position to determine if the candidate meets the criteria and qualifications. The Nominating Committee defines the best candidates and slates them for open positions on the Board.

Professional Standards Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; this Committee is broken down into Hearing Panels that are assigned to hear an ethics complaint or arbitration request that has been forwarded from the Grievance Committee. The function of the Hearing Panel is to conduct a full due process hearing with sworn testimony, witnesses and evidence. After conducting the hearing, the Hearing Panel decides whether there was a violation of the Code of Ethics, or alternatively, which REALTOR® is entitled to the disputed commission. In an ethics hearing, the Hearing Panel then determines the discipline to be imposed on the violator. 

REALTOR® of the Year & Community Service Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; this Committee reviews and evaluates all applications submitted for the REALTOR® of the Year Award and Community Service Award. For the REALTOR® of the Year Award, the Committee looks for that one person in the Association who is committed to excellence and has made significant contributions to the real estate profession.
For the Community Service Award, the Committee recognizes REALTORS® who have made an extraordinary commitment to improving the quality of life in their communities through volunteer work. 

RPAC Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is committed to educating, raising awareness, and raising support of RPAC initiatives. This includes promoting the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates that help protect the real estate business and private property rights. 

Senior Services Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members maintaining the SRES Designation and non-REALTOR® Affiliate Members whose business focuses on servicing the senior demographic; this Committee’s mission is service over self. The Senior Services Committee wants to help seniors and their families’ transition to a new lifestyle and brings in speakers on a regular basis to educate its members on changes and resources in the industry. This Committee organizes two Senior Expos annually for the general public.
The Senior Services Committee also maintains the Senior Services Forum for those members who wish to be involved, but not on the Committee.

Strategic Planning Committee

Comprised of the current and incoming Board of Directors and key Organizational staff; this Committee recommends and develops a planning process that continually looks to the Association’s future, especially the future of membership, economic and population projections and other factors affecting real estate, to keep the Association’s Vision and Mission statements at the forefront of all programs and services the Association provides.

Vendor Advisory Group

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; this Committee reviews and recommends products or programs to the Board of Directors that would be helpful in the success of MORe Members. This Committee is also tasked with reviewing follow-up data and evaluation regarding those recommendations.

YPN Committee

Comprised of REALTOR® Members; the Young Professionals Network Committee’s primary goal is to identify and connect with future leaders in the industry. The YPN Committee also strives to connect REALTORS® in all stages of their careers together to allow for knowledge sharing, referral sources and a stronger connection with the Association. 

The YPN Committee also maintains the Young Professionals Network for those members who wish to be involved, but not on the Committee.