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Client Reviews: Boosting Your Search Engine Results, Creating Trust and Conveying Your Value

Take advantage of special discounts through the Mainstreet available for the RealSatisfied PRO Account.

In today's highly competitive real estate market, it's all about the consumer and their experience with you, the agent. RealSatisfied helps you to identify where you can improve in your skills and business practices to better serve client's needs and, assists you in conveying your value and expertise to potential clients.
This is why MORe has partnered with RealSatisfied to offer you access to its free Agent LITE Account as well as discounted rates on the Agent PRO Account. Mainstreet strives to provide opportunities to assist our members to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. We look forward to playing a key role in helping you demonstrate your professionalism to the world through client feedback and recommendations.

What is RealSatisfied?

RealSatisfied is a customer satisfaction platform that allows real estate agents to collect actionable feedback and ratings on their performance at the end of a transaction through a closed survey system. Their tools allow you to easily share the ratings and reviews you receive to better market yourself as a go-to for consumers looking to buy or sell a home. Bonus!
RealSatisfied is integrated with MRED to make sending surveys easy. Once you mark a property closed in the MLS, a survey is automatically created and you are notified that a survey is ready to be sent.


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RealSatisfied: Agent Training Videos

See why Mainstreet REALTOR® Liz Moore chooses RealSatisifed as her resource for feedback, testimonials and customer satisfaction in the video below.

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Why Choose RealSatisfied? 

Reviews help you establish yourself as a professional who can be trusted, an information resource, and the expert in your marketplace for everything real estate. Here are just some of the benefits to the RealSatisfied platform...

  • RealSatisfied allows you to listen to your customers in new ways through interactive surveys
  • Catch problems before they go viral with RealSatisfied's Complaint Escalation Process
  • Identify opportunities to improve customer service and business processes through detailed survey feedback
  • Solicit better quality testimonials from more clients
  • Easily share your recommendations to, Facebook, Twitter and/or your website (agents have control over if and where recommendations are published)
  • RealSatisfied is a closed survey system, meaning only someone who has completed a transaction with you can rate and review you
  • The platform integrates seamlessly with MRED to track when your sales close and automatically notify you when a survey is ready to be sent
  • Online reviews help to move you up higher in search engine results creating more visibility for your business
  • Online reviews let your potential clients learn about you before they meet you and help to convey

Exclusive Discounts to MORe Members!

Mainstreet is excited about the potential this brings to you, our member. MORe has worked with RealSatisfied to secure discounts on the Agent PRO subscription to the platform. Pricing is as follows:


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