Get the New SentriLock Bluetooth® Lockbox

It's Time to Upgrade Those Outdated SentriLock Boxes!

Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® is upgrading to the Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox system from SentriLock in August 2017. We’re offering a one-time discount on the new, upgraded box when you register for your lockbox exchange with SentriLock. (See registration details below.)


Why Upgrade?

    Key SentriLock Bluetooth® Box Features

Many of today’s lockboxes are out, or nearly out of warranty, with failing
batteries and features. The new SentriLock Bluetooth® lockbox offers
the latest technology and a modern design to deliver increased security,
better mobile access, and a smoother, more reliable process.

  • Battery enhancements
  • External power port to make changing lockbox batteries easier without the need for the power paddle
  • Access advantages – timed one-day codes
  • Weather resistant
  • Quicker connection; cell connection no longer needed
  • Instant notifications
  • No card renewal needed – all functions can be completed via SentriSmart app

Learn more about the new SentriLock features and benefits!


Register to Upgrade – Registration begins July 12th!

We’ve worked with SentriLock to set up physical box-exchange stations at convenient offsite locations to offer members ample opportunity to turn in their existing boxes for the new, upgraded boxes.

SentriLock emailed MORe members a personalized link on July 12th, which must be used to register for your SentriLock upgrade. YOU MUST REGISTER TO UPGRADE YOUR BOX(ES). MORe will not be offering any lockbox exchanges at our office locations.

Didn't receive your personal registration email? You can either login to to register or call SentriLock Support at 1.877.433.6998.

Not Able to Attend the Upgrade?

If you are unable to attend, you may fill out a proxy form allowing another REALTOR® to bring in your lockboxes. Download the proxy form here.

MORe Member Discount for August

To help offset the costs of upgrading to the new Bluetooth® SentriLock boxes, and DURING AUGUST ONLY, we are offering:
  • 2 for 1 exchange on all Gen II lockboxes
  • 2 for 1 exchange on all NXT lockboxes
  • 1 for 1 exchange on all current version Bluetooth lockboxes
During August, additional boxes, beyond those exchanged, will cost $99/box + tax. A 10+ box volume discount will be offered for $89/box + tax. After August, boxes will cost $135 + tax.

Odd Number of Boxes
If you bring an odd number of boxes to an upgrade event, you can trade in your (1) odd box and purchase a new box in its place for half off. This is a savings of $49.50! The discount is only available during the SentriLock Upgrade. 

Questions? Please email Kim McCoy at