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December 2019 Update

2020 Brings New Laws 

Block Chain Technology Act (HB 3575/PA 101-0514): Creates the Block Chain Technology Act. (Effective Jan. 2020)
Provides when a record contained in a block chain can be used in a legal proceeding or transaction. Establishes the types of situations in which a block chain may not be used. Prohibits local governments from placing restrictions or taxes on block chain usage. Does not pre-empt home rule.

Human Rights Real Estate Complaints (SB220/PA 101-0530): Amends the Human Rights (Effective Jan. 2020)
Act to make fact-finding conferences discretionary rather than mandatory unless waived by both parties in investigations into complaints relating to real estate transactions. Adds housing discrimination to the training for Commissioners at the Illinois Human Rights Commission. In complaints regarding real estate transactions, if the complainant elects to go to circuit court, the Attorney General shall commence a civil action on behalf of the aggrieved party within 30 days after the administrative closure order by the Human Rights Commission.

Notice of Foreclosure (SB 1134/PA 101-0539) (Effective Jan. 2020)
Provides that in foreclosure actions, the plaintiff will file an affidavit with the court if the defendant is unavailable for service of process, the plaintiff will cause notice to be published in a newspaper, and the clerk of court will have the duty to send a copy of the published notice to each defendant listed in the case.

Other News

House Federal Funding Legislation Brings Certainty, Stability to Housing Market (Dec. 2019)
National Association of REALTORS® Newsroom

Village of Oak Lawn Random Inspections (Dec. 2019)
The Village of Oak Lawn may be conducting random unauthorized inspections based upon listings of homes that are remodeled and may not have sought appropriate permitting. These homes are for sale and may be subject to inspection per the MLS or other virtual photos by village review. Sellers should be aware of the need to obtain permits but owners voluntary consent needs to be sought, and any inspection should be limited to the "permitted" work not the whole residence. If you have any questions, contact Government Affairs Director, Tom Joseph, at or 630.324.8424.

Carol Stream Initiating a Municipal Property Tax (Dec. 2019)
In an effort to keep Mainstreet members informed about important changes in the communities they live and work in, please be advised of the following development in Carol Stream. On Nov. 18th, Carol Stream village trustees voted to initiate a municipal property tax. The village had been one of just a handful of communities without this tax. Declining sales tax revenues, paired with increasing pension costs, and other mandates caused Carol Stream officials to re-institute the levy after a 40-year absence. Visit the Village of Carol Stream website for additional info and to see the estimated amount to be applied to the property bills of those living in Carol Stream.

Dale Taylor chosen for 2019 Good Neighbor Award (Nov. 2019)
Illinois REALTORS®
Mainstreet member and past-president, Dale Taylor, was recognized for his years of work with South Suburban Public Action to Deliver Shelter (SSPADS) to help countless homeless men and women get back on their feet over his 19 years of volunteering with SSPADS.