Forms for Listing Residential Rental Property

Cook County Just Housing Amendment (JHA)

Properties in Cook County are subject to the Just Housing Amendment (JHA). Mainstreet has your resources to the new process.

JHA Compliance Checklist

JHA Screening Process Guide

Chicago Association of REALTORS® Lease (For use in the City of Chicago)

Chicago Lease.pdf
Chicago Recycling Flyer.pdf

Please note that the use of the lease MUST be accompanied by two riders, the Residential Landord and Tenant Ordinance Summary and the Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance Security Deposit Summary. It is strongly recommended that prior to use, you consult the Broker of your office. Be advised that Mainstreet's Broker/Lawyer Committee has not prepared the lease nor is it approved by Mainstreet. The offering of the forms are a collaborative effort with CAR to assist our members. You Broker should always be sure that the use of the form is in accordance with their E&O Insurance coverage.