Designated Managing Brokers

Resources Tailored to Chicagoland's Designated Managing Brokers

Monthly Managing Broker Slides: Let Mainstreet do the Work!

Every month, Mainstreet boils up all of the most important industry updates, upcoming events, and time-sensitive news to help you and your office succeed.  You can easily download (PowerPoint) this easy-to-digest, brief set of slides then share with your REALTORS®. Feel free to customize the presentation how you would like before sharing with your office. 

Access the April 2023 Managing Broker slides to get started. 

  • March 2023 - REEF Scholarships, Member Benefits, upcoming events and more
  • February 2023 - C2EX shirt, Capitol Conference, Cook County lease and more
  • January 2023 - Code of Ethics changes, Source of Income and more
  • December 2022 - Source of Income Law and industry updates
  • November 2022 - License law, SentriLock update, FOREWARN and more
  • September 2022 - Code of Ethics, SentriLock update, Member Benefit and more
  • August 2022 - Code of Ethics, SentriLock one-day-codes, Member Benefits and more
  • July 2022  - Form update, touch ID in the SentriKey app, Pathway to Success, C2EX and more
  • June 2022 - Form update, common Code of Ethics violations, MORe Municipal Data and more
  • May 2022 - Committee open enrollment, Mainstreet's Consumer Campaign, competition.REALTOR and more
  • April 2022 - Advocacy update, Broker renewal, One-Day Codes and more
  • March 2022 - Capitol Conference, SentriCard phase out, FOREWARN and more
  • February 2022 - RPAC, Photofy and more
  • January 2022 - Code of Ethics update, Production Awards update, TechHelpline and more

Designated Managing Broker and Brokerage Forms

Whether you're establishing a brokerage for the first time or adding agents to your office, here's a library of commonly used forms for managing brokers.


Competition.REALTOR: Resources to Enhance Your Value

As expert, local brokers, REALTORS® help consumers navigate what is for many the most complex and important transaction they’ll ever do. The U.S. model of local Broker cooperation is viewed as the best value for consumers around the world. These local marketplaces provide Sellers equal access to the largest possible pool of potential Buyers and create the greatest number of housing options for Buyers in one place without hidden or extra costs. Additionally, Sellers making offers of compensation to Buyer Brokers also gives first-time, low/middle income and all homebuyers a better show at affording a home AND professional representation. Visit competition.REALTOR for more information on the importance of competition in Real Estate and to better educate your clients on the economics of buying a home. 


Managing Brokers: Host Mainstreet C.E. in Your Office!

As a benefit of your Brokerage’s membership with Mainstreet, you now have the option to host quality Continuing Education (C.E.) in your office (or other convenient location of choice).

Learn, Connect, and Grow Your Business...In Your Office!

Custom Updates and News Delivered to You Through Mainstreet Office Visits

Looking to enhance your office meetings? Mainstreet provides custom updates and news through its office visit program on topics such as:

  • Membership benefits
  • Real estate trends
  • Professional Standards topics
  • REALTOR® safety
  • Social media and marketing
  • Government Affairs updates

Contact Mainstreet's Director of Member Outreach, Lynnette Mock, to schedule a visit. 

Lynnette Mock, AHWD

Director of Member Outreach

Brokerage Forum Sessions

Education and Networking Tailored to Chicagoland Designated Managing Brokers

Whether you're an office of 100 or an office of one, the Brokerage Forum is designed to give brokerages an opportunity to have their voices heard, their specific needs addressed, and questions answered.  Each forum is unique and updated with new content each time it is offered.  Topic themes include industry updates pertinent to production, tools and software successes, planning for growth, IDFPR examination updates, set up and structure analysis, open opportunity for any questions, and more.

See below for upcoming Brokerage Forums or visit Mainstreet's calendar to view all available events and courses.