Supporting you with SentriLock

SentriLock is a leader in electronic lockbox systems and we’re proud to make their secure, durable, and versatile solutions available to Mainstreet members.

The Bluetooth® SentriLock boxes and required batteries are available for purchase at Mainstreet's Downers Grove, Rolling Meadows,or Libertyville offices; no appointment necessary. If you would like to schedule a contactless pick-up, give us a call at 630.324.8400 to purchase items and schedule a pick-up time and day. 

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SentriCard Phase Out Notice

As of Jan. 1st, 2022, you will only be able to use the SentriKey Real Estate app. SentriCards will no longer be issued as of April 1st, 2021, and will stop functioning on Dec. 31st, 2021. Don't have the app? Download the app for Apple or Android; the cost is included in your membership! 

Get the Mobile App

The SentriKey Real Estate mobile app eliminates the need for your SentriCard and is always with you – so long as you have your smartphone. As a benefit of your membership, the app is available at no cost.  Check out the video to learn more about the app benefits and how to download it to your iPhone® or Android® phone. Or, view the SentriKey Real Estate App user guide video for Apple and Android products and download the app for Apple or Android! 

NEW! Download SentriKey to your Apple Watch

SentriLock is now providing you with a hands-free way to open your SentriLock lockbox, the SentriKey® Real Estate Apple Watch app! Simply download the SentriKey® Real Estate app in the App Store and the icon will automatically appear on your Apple Watch.


One-Day Codes

One-Day Codes are designed to support the integrity of the SentriLock system, while adding convenience for how access is granted to authorized professionals.

The following frequently asked questions and SentriLock’s recommended best practices will provide you with everything you need to know about using One-Day Codes and establishing proper use policies for your office. The One-Day Code Notification Form and information about One-Day Codes vs. Mobile Access Codes can also be reviewed or downloaded.


What your Clients Should Know about SentriLock

The security that comes with SentriLock can give your sellers piece of mind. Give your clients a snapshot of the safety features and benefits of using SentriLock with this resource.


Additional Resources for Managing and Maintaining your Lockboxes


SentriLock FAQs

I forgot my 4-digit PIN code; what do I do?
How do I change my SentriCard 4-digit PIN code?
What is the difference between PIN code and password?
How do I get to the SentriLock website database?
How do I issue a One-Day Code?
How do I use a One-Day Code?
How do I assign a lockbox to my listing?
How do I access a non-Bluetooth box in the field without a SentriCard?
I am a Managing Broker and have non-Bluetooth SentriLock boxes that I loan out to new agents. Am I still able to do this after April 1, 2021?
I have agents that are transferring from other Associations to Mainstreet and they have non-Bluetooth lockboxes. Are they able to transfer those boxes from the other Association to Mainstreet?
How many times can I download the mobile app?
How can I transfer one of my lockboxes to another agent in my organization?
Where can I find SentriLock training resources?
What do I do if my lockbox is not responding?
I lost my SentriCard. How do I get another one?
How do I purchase lockboxes?
Can the SentriCard be “erased” with a magnet or magnetic field?