Protecting Yourself

2023 NAR Member Safety Commercial and Residential Reports 

Each year, NAR releases their Member Safety Reports for both residential and commercial REALTORS®. This past year, 29% of people surveyed said they feared for their personal safety after receiving a threatening or inappropriate email, text, call or voicemail. Learn more about these statistics and more in the 2023 NAR Member Safety Residential and Commercial Reports below. 

2023 NAR Member Safety Commercial Report

Click below to download the 2023 Member Safety Commercial Report from NAR.

2023 NAR Member Safety Residential Report

Click below to download the 2023 Member Safety Residential Report from NAR.


September is REALTOR® safety month, but safety should always be top of mind regardless of the time of year. Every day,  REALTORS® need to be vigilant when working with new clients. Being vigilant can be anything from downloading tools and resources within this section of the site to creating a policy for meeting new clients. And safety and REALTORS® isn't just about working with new clients, it's about safety using technology, safety at open houses and sharing safety tips with your clients. Read on for details on how to protect you and your clients.

FOREWARN: Safer Showings. Smarter Engagement.

Stay informed, stay productive, and stay safe by downloading the Forewarn app, a Mainstreet REALTOR® benefit.

Safety Resources

Safety Presentation for Your Office

Mainstreet has made our Safety PowerPoint presentation available for our Managing Brokers to co-brand with the Brokerage logo to use in your office. The presentation provides your Brokers with safety tips, tools, and best practices. 

How to co-brand your presentation:

  1. Click here to download the PowerPoint file (4,486 KB).
  2. Open the file and click on Enable Editing at the top in the yellow bar, if needed.
  3. At the bottom left, next to the Mainstreet logo, right click on Insert Logo Here text. 
  4. Click Change Picture.
  5. Browse to the logo/image your would like to upload and click the Insert button.
  6. Save your presentation and you're ready to go!

Shareable Graphic: Avoiding Wire Fraud

Wire fraud in real estate is one of the fastest growing cybercrimes in the U.S. Help your clients avoid wire fraud by downloading Mainstreet's shareable graphic with tips for avoiding and dealing with wire fraud.

Downloading the Avoiding Wire Fraud graphic:

  1. Click here to download the JPG graphic.
  2. Save the graphic to your device.
  3. Upload the image to your preferred social media channels and share with your clients!


Homeowner Safety and Security Toolkit

Homesnap Safety Timer Tutorial

REALTOR® Safety Network

Safety Articles from NAR

Safety Videos from NAR