NAR - Mainstreet Community Outreach Grant

Enhance and improve spaces in your local communities while promoting your business and elevating the image of REALTORS®

MORe is teaming up with NAR to provide grants to Mainstreet members for placemaking, smart growth, housing opportunity, and diversity projects. The process is simple; come up with a great idea to improve your community that matches some specific criteria (info below), reach out to MORe and complete your application, then team up with community members, elected officials, and/or other
 REALTORS® to complete your project!


What kinds of projects qualify?

Click the links below to be taken to detailed information for each grant program including details on qualifing projects, requirements, and sample projects completed through these grant programs.

Download, save, or print the NAR-Mainstreet Community Outreach Grant brochure to share with your office or colleagues.
Is the location of your project in MORe's jurisdiction? Find out with NAR's Territorial Jurisdiction map.

Looking for project inspiration? Check out the Spaces to Places blog for examples from across the country.

Diversity Initiative Grants

Funding for Mainstreet to help enhance diversity of members and leadership as well as education on Fair Housing issues.

Housing Opportunity Grants

Supports affordable housing activities including hosting a fair, forum, housing study, open house, etc.

Placemaking Grants

Projects that result in revitalized spaces, enhanced gathering spots, increased socialization and well-being for communities and more.

Smart Growth Programs

Encourages a mix of building types and uses, diverse housing and transportation options, development within existing neighborhoods and community engagement.


Nadine Scodro

Volunteer & Advocacy Specialist