Mainstreet Advertising Campaign

MORe Launches New Campaign Targeting Millennials

This spring, MORe launched an ad campaign to better educate Chicagoland consumers about the many roles REALTORS® fill in the homebuying and homeselling process. 

The campaign is part of an effort to reach consumers on behalf of all Mainstreet REALTORS®, especially in a time when digital startups are trying to shift consumer habits in real estate. It targets millennials, the largest share of homebuyers right now, and may eventually expand to reach additional demographics.  

The campaign began at the end of March and will run through September and is broken down between digital and radio.

Digital Details

The digital ad campaign will run on Youtube, search and display ads through Google, social ads on Facebook and Instagram, and display ads through TribX advertising network. Ads will then connect back to the consumer portion of our site which provides advice for homebuyers and homesellers.

Homebuyer Education Piece


Radio Details

For the radio campaign, Mainstreet is working with WKQX 101.1 which has a listenership that aligns well with the targeting of the campaign. Three ad spots will be running; two spots recorded by Carrie Little, a Mainstreet member and voice of Mainstreet for WBBM New Radio 780 and the third spot recorded by DJ Lauren O'Neil who most recently went through the process of purchasing a house. 


Additional Information

As the campaign progresses, be sure and check back here as we will be posting more info, including shareable resources, in the coming weeks.

Have any questions? Please reach out to VP of Marketing and Communication Amy Robey.