Synergy Meets Expertise: Why Choosing the Right People for Your Team Matters

Mainstreet HQ, Downers Grove – The Mainstreet YPN put their collective minds together for a webinar featuring panelists discussing how to foster synergistic partnerships. YPN Mainstreet Chair Kristi Gorski hosted the webinar and was joined by YPN member and moderator Emily Kaczmarek. YPN is a dynamic entry point for real estate professionals looking to empower themselves and their business.

Synergy (n) – “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

“Synergies Unleashed” is a direct reference to the strategies needed to create a cooperation of people and resources to meet your goals in real estate. YPN Mainstreet Chair Kristi Gorski hosted a trio of panelists to talk about how teamwork between agents and other real estate professionals is crucial to their mutual successes.

I joined Kristi Gorski as the moderator for this event to facilitate the Q & A with a trio of panelists. First panelist was Jimmy Webber Regional Vice President of LeaderOne. Next up was Mainstreet YPN’s very own John Sintich Vice-Chair of YPN. Rounding out the panel is REALTOR® Magazines 30 Under 30 finalist for the class of 2024 Brandon Blankenship, REALTOR® KW Premier Properties.

Rather than play spoiler, here are a few key takeaways from the panelists:

  • If you are a new REALTOR® trying to grow your business, get in front of people who are going to help move your business in a positive direction. You CANNOT do everything on your own because to serve your clients at the highest level requires a team.
  • Delegation is one of the most difficult tasks in real estate. You can’t clone yourself. As long as you feel you can trust people to do what you feel is right, that goes a long way.
  • The relationships built with clients are cast from the same model as the way we build relationships with our business partners. Be your true, authentic self.
  • When you partner with somebody who aligns with you, clients are wowed and it is a good reflection on you and your team for picking the right people.

Synergies Unleashed was just the first of three YPN webinars for this series. The next one was titled Crafting Your Competitive Edge.

Stay tuned for more highlights and key takeaways!

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