Top Trends Agents Need to Know

Top Trends Agent Need to Know

All I have to say is “Wow!” This is my first time at Inman Connect and as I write this blog post, I’m only done with Day 1. So much content it’s hard to keep up! Going to write a few posts each day on what I’ve learned. And I encourage you if you’ve never gone before, plan to attend the next Inman Connect. You won’t be disappointed.

So lets dive into the top trends agents need to know. Mind you the topic was the top 10 trends but I apparently only wrote down nine so that’s all you get today!

Managing Brokers embrace distinct technology as a core service offering to agents. I think this is pretty self explanatory.

Search as a commodity. Go back a few years and search was a big deal on websites, and was the differentiator between great sites and poor sites. Today, everyone has search so it’s fallen off as a differentiator.

Industry focused on improving the transaction. If the transaction falls apart, regardless of where, it traditionally will reflect back on the agent. The goal should be to show value to the clients and improve the entire process, including post transaction.

Rise of short-term rental investors. Many are jumping into the air B&B market as it’s a great opportunity for single-family rentals. REALTORS® need to make sure they are up on local rules and regulations and know the ins and outs in the communities they serve.

Performance Analytics. Consumers are doing the research and choosing their REALTOR® carefully, using data such as how long listings are on the market, average negotiating amount off the list price, etc. These metrics are a work in progress but are gaining momentum which is good for the whole industry.

Minimalist lifestyle is gaining popularity. Have you watched the show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?” I binge watched the show and ended up cleaning out my entire closet and refolding all my tshirts the way Marie recommends. Marie is all about downsizing and getting rid of things you don’t enjoy. Homebuyers now don’t seem to be looking for the “McMansion” of the past, but want something smaller that they can enjoy.

Predictive Analytics. Leveraging available data to determine who is going to move and then using that data to target market.

Diversified content offering. We’ve seen an explosion in AVMs (automated value models) so it’s not really a differentiator. What local content are you providing that is useful for consumers that they can’t get elsewhere?

Great customer service. As agents compete for business, this takes on a whole new meaning. How can you bring value even outside the transaction? A suggested read on this is, “How to be a Great Real Estate Agent.” I haven’t read the book but have put it on the list as a potential read/review for the future!

More posts to follow on Inman Connect. Thanks for reading!