Be the Star: Creating Referrals that Stick - YPN Three Part Series (3/3)

Downers Grove, Mainstreet HQAs the sequence concludes, we arrived at the third and final installment of the “Growing Your Business in a Changing Market” series. 

The Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® Young Professionals Network (YPN) Committee hosted a hybrid event to discuss just how far your influence as a REALTOR® can go. More specifically, a panel of industry experts explained the strategies and tactics they use to stay agile and grow business within their communities. That ought to sound familiar, like it’s a theme or something. 


“Be the Star” is a reference to all the auxiliary undertakings REALTORS® can do to make their brand a household name. Piggybacking on the first two installments from the three-part series this panel set their sights on revealing trade secrets paramount to staying germane for their clients. Whether it’s a past client, a new client or a potential new lead, REALTORS® have real estate-centric opportunities about how to spend time between business meetings.  


One panelist noted that incorporating social media into their marketing campaigns has been an effective tool to keep their business simmering in local conversation circles. The panelist is none other than Mainstreet President Debbie Pawlowicz of DPG Real Estate. She explained to the hybrid audience of both in person listeners and online viewers at home that, “…once [clients who worked with DPG] have followed our Facebook group or the Instagram group, we offer all our followers the chance to join an online raffle. Once a month for about a weekwe will preview the giveaway on our accounts. Each month we raffle off something fun; so much of the participation online for these raffles comes from past clients. They’re so engaged.” 


Another unanimously agreed upon actionable item for REALTORS® is something called a “pop-by.” Essentially what this means is that after a successful connection is made with a prospective buyer or seller REALTORS® can randomly stop by the residence. The reasons for a pop-by vary from person to person but could include holiday decorations, birthday cards, thank you notes, brand promotion fliers, quarterly newsletters, celebratory bottles of wine or spirits, baked goods or tech-based gadgets. Why do this? Well, one of the panelists explained. 


“I preach about the power of a pop-by all the time in weekly office meetings. It can be such a simple idea but I have seen the effect it can have on the family who gets it. There are tons and tons of ideas you can use for a pop-by it is just a matter of searching around online to find the right one for you.” 


“Growing Your Business in a Changing Market” started back in the first week of February. Since registration opened for this three-part series more than 400 REALTORS® participated both virtually and in-person. Three different panels of experts showcased their personal strategies for success. The Mainstreet Young Professionals Network (YPN) Facebook group has grown by 50 new members and we’ve archived more than 270 minutes (about 4 and a half hours) of recorded discussions and Q&A.  


Bottomline: Mainstreet YPN provides value to their members. Are you signed up? Click here for more information about how to join Mainstreet YPN.