Seal the Deal: How to Talk to Buyers and Sellers - YPN Three Part Series (2/3)

February 22 – Webinar – After a resounding success with their first webinar Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® YPN Committee followed up “Use the Force” with the second installment of a three-part series. The sequel titled “Seal the Deal: How to Talk to Your Buyers and Sellers” is a continuation of the larger series “Growing Your Business in a Changing Market.” 


The moderator for this webinar was none other than Jill Beda Daniels of Jill Daniels LLC. Her role on the “Seal the Deal” panel of speakers was to incorporate her wealth of knowledge as a real estate attorney and mediator in facilitative fashion. Talking with home buyers and sellers on making informed decisions is just one of her areas of expertise, meaning accelerating this panel discussion was a perfect fit. Jill Beda Daniels emphasized the importance of starting the conversations with both buyers and sellers with clear and realistic expectations.  


As a REALTOR® it is important to be upfront with all parties from the beginning of any relationship. specific tip panelists agreed was a wise starting point for a buyer conversation is, “find out not only what price range the buyer CAN afford but also ask what monthly payment they WANT to makeReverse engineering this number will make searching for properties easier.” 


On the flip side of that conversation sellers should be every bit as prepared with their own tool box of conversation starters and strategies. Like a conversation with a buyer, setting clear and accurate expectations when working with sellers is crucial. One panelist was asked about those specific strategies as they begin to go under contract with a home saleSpeak candidly with your REALTOR® about pricingMake sure everyone in the room is on the same page about price ranges and concessions to give [sellers] as much market relevant information as possible.” 


Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® YPN committee had a question-and-answer function open on Zoom throughout the webinar and a clarification comment came through about the relationship between REALTOR® and lender 


A seemingly common misconception popped up as one viewer, specifically a lender, commented about the closing process. “As a lender I get asked all the time ‘how fast can you close?’ My reply is that we can close as fast as everyone in the process completes their paperwork.’ It really is a complete collaboration, not just the lender.” 


Mainstreet YPN Chair Emily Kaczmarek added a comment of her own but from the REALTOR® perspective stating, “That is great insight! As agents we always think it’s the lender who controls the timeline for the most part. Turns out that may not necessarily be the case!” 


If you were unable to attend the webinar fear not. All the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® YPN livestreams/webinars are archived on their Facebook page. Click here to access the group and the previous two videos. 


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