Sharpen Your Skills: Mainstreet YPN Panelists Offer Business Mentality Workshop

Mainstreet HQ, Downers Grove – Mainstreet YPN added more tools to their collective toolbox in part two of the Essentials for Real Estate Triumph webinar series. Mainstreet Board of Directors member and Broker with Su Familia Real Estate David Ferrel joined in on the action as moderator for the second installment titled Crafting Your Competitive Edge.

I had the distinct pleasure of moderating an expert panel of real estate professionals working together to show anyone looking for ways to improve their value proposition how to sharpen their competitive edge in today’s market. Joining the panel was REALTOR® Marty Rinehart of REAL Brokerage, LLC, David Koch Senior Loan Originator of UMortgage and Rafay Qamar, Principal Broker of Rafay Qamar Group Compass.

Just as Emily wrote to you readers about the first webinar, spoiling the entire content video is not my goal either. So instead, here are some highlights of what Marty, David and Rafay presented to viewers.

  • “Your vibe will attract your tribe.” Be unapologetically you on social media when promoting your business, brand and name. With over 1.6 million REALTORS® nationally, the more unique and individualistic you are, the easier it is for people to identify your posts as you.
  • “80/20 rule.” 80% of the profits are made by 20% of the REALTORS®. Be completely intentional with all your business hours and you will match your energy commitments with equal profitability.
  • “The greatest resource to your business, is you.” Instead of asking why someone wants to buy or sell, change the presentation of your curiosity. Ask how your clients plan to buy, where they want to buy, when they want to buy or who is buying. How you phrase your questions will set up the answers you need to best serve your clients needs.
  • “If you can ask a client, you can ask yourself first.” If you choose a specific tactic or strategy, did you ask yourself first, “why am I doing this, this way?” Simply because that is ‘how it has always been done’ does not mean you as the REALTOR® have to do it. Learn what works best for you before you bring your ideas to a client.

Key takeaways from part three of Essentials for Real Estate Triumph will be posted shortly, so keep an eye out for Protect Your Practice!

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