Cyrus Mohseni and Young Professionals Network: Taco Tuesday Scores A Goal Supporting Mental Health Awareness

Mainstreet HQ, Downers Grove – Taco Tuesday has been established as must-see content and the most recent invitee is living testament to the exclusive expert speakers Young Professionals Network brings to Mainstreet.

Cyrus Mohseni wears many hats. As a former international professional soccer player, he traveled the world as a teammate and goalkeeper. Nowadays, he spends his time as a real estate mogul and social media influencer in California. He founded The Keystone Team and sells luxury homes with his team of more than 70 agents. Click here to visit the Keystone Team homepage.

Cyrus came to Mainstreet as a keynote speaker to share his wealth of knowledge about two important subjects for entrepreneurs to be well-informed on: mental health awareness and social media strategy. Stay tuned for the second blog recapping his social media strategies.

He identified three mental health thermometers all entrepreneurs should be gauging for themselves as they grow their business.

1. Be Kind to Yourself – Cyrus emphasized the importance of daily check ins on your own emotional state. A statistic he cited about the workforce is that “$193.2 billion (about $590 per person in the US) are lost each year in earnings due to employees needing a mental health day.” This number tells you it is okay to take a break.

2. Recognize, Seek and Create – Self-awareness cannot be understated. Identifying the symptoms of a mental health issue starts with yourself. Once you can admit there is something wrong, the next step is to seek professional help whether it is a primary doctor or a therapist. Lastly, create a social circle filled with people who support you in positive ways.

3. Managing Stress – It is impossible to be stress free all the time. So, to be proactive Cyrus offered his take on managing it. Find what stressors you may have; identifying the source of stress will help decrease it. Explore techniques to help you relax. Could be meditation, exercise, creative outlets, cooking etc. Lastly, time management. Set a schedule each day with time allotted to tasks like answering emails or checking and engaging with social media. Be intentional with these tasks and only spend the time you can afford on them each day.

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