One Big Question: How Does Anyone Define "Affordable?"

Representative Michelle Mussman (D) of the 56th District sat at the head of the table and offered the speaking floor to Mainstreet members. Representative Mussman put her platforms on display for her district, citing specific examples of issues and concerns echoed by the Mainstreet members: Affordable Housing. She stated, “We have several housing projects working in this district, we are regularly in touch with numerous mayors. Very similar to many of you sitting here today I find myself asking the same question, ‘What does the word affordable mean to prospective buyers?’”

She continued defining the word ‘affordable’ saying, “Municipalities often decide that once they have met the requirements for affordable housing in each city or town, they are under no obligation to provide further accommodations. Which brings up the issue of income, leading to the philosophy that if some are unable to buy a house in these towns and cities, someone else with more income will move in and now the problem is moot.”

We have reached the finale in the series recap of the 2023 Illinois REALTORS® Capitol Conference. The trip to the Illinois State Capitol building finished up and Mainstreet REALTORS® and staff returned to the BoS Arena for a networking event. The starting and ending point were the same, yet the Arena was now outfitted for a reception geared more towards socializing and professional networking. Major Investors for RPAC could take the main elevators to the second floor which was designated for MI members only, including an open bar and sprawling appetizer table.

Inside the BoS Arena replacing the Illinois REALTORS® podium was a full concert band and stage, along with four different pop-up bars pouring wine, beer and cocktails. Additionally, food stations were ready to serve the 700 REALTORS® and real estate professionals featuring hot bars highlighted by a “walking taco” buffet and jumbo hot pretzels.

Capitol Conference 2023 concluded with a trip back up the same stretch of I-55 with our buses dropping Mainstreet members back off at their designated pick-up locations. For someone who had never been to a Capitol Conference there are zero doubts or skepticisms about attending this powerhouse event. As is often the case, playing the telephone game about what was discussed at these events becomes a sorting hat task. What was true, what was speculation, what was misconstrued etc. Seeing the Illinois REALTORS® Scorecard, hearing State Legislators speak and being immersed in the seemingly endless real estate sphere is an experience not easily replicated.

What can I say? You just had to be there.