We represent real estate interests, defending property rights, the profession and housing

We support the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC), further protecting private property rights and accessible housing. Defending the interests and investments of REALTORS® starts with teaching our members the significance of their role in creating positive change. Our goals this year include:

  • Teach members the importance of RPAC and how it works

  • Advocate global through cultural events and education

  • Identify RPOs and REALTOR® champions who support REALTOR® goals

  • Recruit more REALTORS® to run for public office (RPOs) Align Government Affairs Committees (GACs) more closely with RPAC; RPAC raises funds and GACs spend it

  • Provide a schedule for city council meetings and have members give local market reports

  • Build relationships with municipal leaders by hosting breakfast meetings to advocate REALTOR® issues 

  • Identify towns where real estate issues can set precedent and recruit local Mainstreet REALTORS® to advocate in these towns