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You are invited to Mainstreet's Affordable Housing Summit & Expo! Join us on March 28 as we empower YOU with a dynamic and informative event addressing the challenges and opportunities in creating affordable housing solutions for our communities. The day will be filled with inspiring speakers, thought provoking panel discussions and ample knowledge sharing with industry leaders.

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Session Topics & Speakers

Opening Keynote | Story to Action 

Stories have power. This truth resonates through the daily testimonies of those we assist, highlighting the vital significance of a secure, high quality, and accessible home in their lives. Consider the transformative impact if these narratives were widely shared by trusted individuals and reliable sources. Crafting a compelling new discourse that portrays housing as an essential requirement deserving on public investment is the key to garnering support, devising effective solutions, and fostering meaningful progress.

Session Speaker:

Yvette Jones-Swanson

Balancing Perspectives: Navigating Immigration Impact on Housing Affordability in Times of Population Growth

Most people have mixed feelings about the effect of immigration on the country. Considering recent events, what can we learn from population growth and the effect on housing availability and affordability? In the United States, affordable housing efforts at the federal level have been ongoing, although they often face challenges due to political divisions and funding constraints. At the local level, in Illinois, immigration has played a role in shaping housing dynamics. Immigrants often settle in urban areas contributing to population growth and diversification. By learning from successes and challenges, we can learn to develop more effective strategies to ensure access to affordable housing for all residents, including immigrants. 

Session Speakers:

John Gormley
Bryan Greene
Mabél Guzmán
Dil Puar

Addressing Housing Challenges Experience by Refugees | Refugee Action Network

As refugees work to establish new lives in our communities, how can we collectively address the urgent need for decent, affordable housing for refugees and migrants to build new lives in our communities?

Session Speaker:

David Zverow

Special Purpose Credit Programs | Chase Bank

Special-purpose credit programs set unique standards and benefits to make loan qualification easier for people who are from underserved populations. Could a special purpose benefit your pre-purchase clients? Learn the origin of special purpose credit programs, how these programs are different from other financing vehicles and how they could help more people to purchase a home.

Session Speaker:

Dawn Stewart

Empowering Financial Well-Being Through Credit | Freddie Mac

Learn how Freddie Mac helps to make access to credit a reality for aspiring homeowners. Freddie Mac plays a vital role in the U.S. housing market by providing liquidity and stability, enabling lenders to offer affordable mortgage options to a diverse range of buyers. Discover how Freddie Mac’s innovative programs and partnerships empower individuals and families to achieve their homeownership dreams through expanded access to credit.  

Session Speaker:

Monica La Crue

Zoning for Affordability, Navigating Housing Challenges Through Strategic Urban Planning | Illinois REALTORS® Government Affairs Directors

How can communities proactively address housing challenges through strategic zoning challenges, such as legalizing ADU’s, reducing minimum lot sizes, rethinking design standards and implementing form-based codes? Join the conversation and explore actionable steps to contribute to the positive transformations of our neighborhoods. 

Session Speakers:

Moderator: Carrie Little
Michael Dobrow
Nora Gruenberg
Adriann Murawski

Navigating the Future Together in Intergenerational – Multigenerational Housing

How can we navigate the challenges and opportunities of diverse age groups sharing living spaces to foster a deeper understanding of harmonious coexistence among different generations?

Session Speaker:

Moderator: Roshaunta Lewis
Hope Atuel
Jim Harvey
Joe Nery

Understanding Tax Credits for Affordable Housing Development


Learn the basics of the federal low-income housing tax credit and IL tax credits, which are a critical tool used to develop affordable housing. New to tax credits? Attorneys with C.C. Huang of Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen will cover the fundamentals, explaining what a tax credit is, how tax credits are allocated, and how you can use them as a tool to finance affordable housing.

Session Speaker:

Jolyn Heun

Driving Change in Housing Equity | Mainstreet Allied Partners 

Curious about initiatives addressing the racial wealth gap? Join our panel discussion to learn from our Allied Partners and consider how you can contribute to advocacy efforts in your own capacity. What role will you play in fostering a positive change?

Session Speakers:

Moderator: Leslie Levy
Cleo Aquino
Rosa Castaneda
Leticia Herrera
Patrick Lynch
Harsha Shukla

Affordable Housing Summit & Expo Registration

FREE for Mainstreet Members!


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