Tapping the Best Local Association

Your Local Association is Your Partner in Success

When you set the appointment for your interview with your prospective office, inquire as to which local REALTOR® association they are a member of and do your research. Local associations offer varying levels of services and support to their members at many different price points. The REALTOR® association that your office is a member of may make a difference as to whether or not you will join that office.

Get Prepared! Items to Consider When Selecting Your REALTOR® Association.


  • What is the cost of membership dues?
  • When are dues billed and due?
  • Are there other fees required other than membership dues? If so, what are those fees for and what is the cost?
  • What services are included with your dues?
  • Is there a lockbox service included in your membership dues? If so, what portion of your dues goes to this service?
  • If a lockbox service is not included, what is the cost of that service? How often are you billed and for what parts of the service (system access, lockboxes, etc.)?
  • What kind of programs does the association offer to support your business?
  • What types of discounts are available to you as a member?

Training & Education

  • Is there any training/education specifically geared towards new agents?
  • How often are training classes offered?
  • What is the average cost of a training class?
  • Do I received member discounts on training?
  • Is there training offered on how to use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
  • How is training offered? In person in the office? Webinars? Livestreamed to your preferred location? Through a self-study option?
  • What does your required continuing education pricing look like?
  • Do you offer opportunities to further my education and support my education through certification/designation courses, professional development focused training or other educational opportunities?


  • Where are the association offices located?
  • Are their staff members available to assist me with questions about services, programs, membership, pricing, etc?
  • When is staff available? (Hours and days)
  • Are you able to connect with staff without having to come into an office?
  • Is there a member website I can access to pay bills, access education and resources, request and find information, etc?
Kate Sax, AHWD, RCE, e-PRO, CIPS

Vice President, Professionalism & Career Development

Mary Stock, AHWD

Director of Education Services

Mark Lilly

Education Specialist