Did You Hear? realtor.com Profiles Enhance Your Online Presence


Win $500 just for claiming your realtor.com profile in April!

If all of the benefits listed below aren't enough to convince you to claim your account now; Mainstreet will enter any agent who claims their profile in the month of April into a raffle. The prize? $500 cash!

In order to consider your profile "claimed" for an entry into the raffle, you must complete the 4 following actions:

  1. Go to https://dashboard.realtor.com/signup to create your account
  2. Add your headshot
  3. Insert your NRDS #
  4. Add a bio

It's that simple! Once you've completed the 4 items above, you will be automatically entered into our raffle. No need to notify MORe of your completion. Profiles that do not include all of the items listed above will not be entered into the raffle.


Building connections and networking can be made easier by claiming your realtor.com profile. By claiming your profile, you instantly add a face to your name while including essential details about your history as an agent. Claiming your profile is easy and doing so can be the difference in landing your next client.

6 quick facts about realtor.com

  • 9 out of 10 consumers who submitted leads said they were actively searching or ready to transact.
  • It's the #1 site where consumers found their agent.
  • More than one-third of visitors do not visit a competing site.
  • Users spend more time on realtor.com than leading consumer sites, such as Amazon, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter.
  • 87% consumer awareness of the realtor.com brand.
  • Enhanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performace for your online presence.

Source: realtor.com

What your missing by not claiming

Unclaimed realtor.com profiles miss out on the 2 million+ leads that are given per month for free. When consumers search for agents in their area, unclaimed profiles will not show up in seach results. 

Marketing and business benefits

Claiming your profile will not only help potential clients feel comfortable with you as their REALTOR®, but it’s also designed to help you keep track of your clients’ personal information. One of the features that is included when you claim your profile is the dashboard. With the dashboard, you can take notes on your client so you can remember every detail such as their birthday, family members and their names, and what they are looking for in their ideal property. This feature helps you to create personal connections with all of your clients in an easy and organized way.

Resource: Agent Dahboard Updates, 3/1/2019

Another feature to highlight is their review system. RealRatingSM allows clients to rate their experience with you but only after their interactions are completed, assuring you have the most control in how you are perceived online.

While highlighted here are just a few of the features included with claiming your REALTOR® profile, there are more benefits included when you claim your profile that can be found here.