From Your President Elect: Educate Your Team Now and in the Future

Mainstreet HQ, Downers Grove – For the third and final episode of Essentials for Real Estate Triumph webinar series, Mainstreet President-elect and Designated Managing Partner of Domin’are Connie Vavra spoke with a panel of industry experts about protecting businesses in times of uncertainty.

Something I tell people in real estate is, “Not all REALTORS® are created equal; I am sorry someone did business that way but this is the right way to do it.” If you read that and think it applies to how you conduct your business, maybe it does. However, what you can be sure of is this: “that’s how it’s always been done,” is antiquated.

In changing times, our practice must evolve accordingly.

For this final webinar series, I was proud to share the stage with three panelists you ought to know. First up is Carrie J Little, CarMarc Realty Broker Owner. Followed closely by Paul Garver, Attorney at Hawbecker & Garver, LLC. The third panelist is Doug Benavides, Senior Branch Manager of The Doug Benavides Group with CrossCountry Mortgage.

Same as the other moderators explained, watching this video in its entirety is your best route for information. No spoilers here! Below are spotlight quotes from each of the three moderators.

  1. “I think the ability for brokers to discuss their value and be clear about that value and transparent with their clients only enriches everything. [Enriches both] the experience for the clients and enhances the marketplace. The biggest change I am seeing is how people talk about compensation. Which is a good conversation to have anyways.” Paul Garver on the NAR lawsuit.
  2. “I am a fan of the buyer agreement and to your point Connie, that should be a conversation that takes place anyway. There are so many things that lenders need to look at and navigate already; it is important to work with a lender who knows how to put the buyer agency agreement into the CD [closing disclosure].”Doug Benavides on the importance of using buyer agreements.
  3. “This is going to be not just the year of brand building but the year of learning. I want to challenge agents to take the ABR course (Accredited Buyer Representative), the SRS course (Seller Representative Specialist) and take the PSA course (Pricing Strategy Advisor). Because whether you’re new, seasoned or coming back to the business Mainstreet offers a new member Boost course. In order to stay agile, you need to invest in your education.” – Carrie J Little on what agents should be doing now to prepare for their yearly goals.

Mainstreet will continue to provide resources and updates about changes in the real estate landscape as they unfold. If you missed out on this webinar series, look ahead at our course and events calendar for upcoming opportunities to join us!

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