30 Under 30 at Mainstreet: Get to Know Brandon Blankenship, Class of 2024 REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 Honoree

Mainstreet HQ, Downers Grove –In a continued effort to empower our members, Mainstreet wishes to extend a congratulatory post to REALTOR® member® Brandon Blankenship for being inducted as a REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30 honoree.

Each year REALTOR® Magazine features 30 REALTORS® under the age of 30 who demonstrate high levels of success in real estate as well as making a positive impact on the communities they serve. Brandon is one of just 30 REALTORS® from around the country or nationally selected in the class of 2024, making this award as prestigious to win as it is competitive to be selected.

NAR defines the mission for 30 Under 30 as, “recognizing the young members of National Association of REALTORS® who are achieving extraordinary things in business, associations and communities as part of their country.” It continues to say, “they are all characterized by their innovation, resilience and dedication to serving clients.”

Brandon sat down with Mainstreet to talk about his recent induction. Get to know Brandon and his thoughts on networking, participating in committees and advice to younger REALTORS® below.

Q: How has participating on a Mainstreet committee benefitted your career thus far?

A: “Working with and being continually involved with Mainstreet committees has helped me see exactly what being a REALTOR® means. It is not just the dollars and cents but the ability to help people find their homes. By being involved on a committee I'm getting the opportunity to meet REALTORS® from all over Chicagoland. This has helped me level-up my value prop, grow professionally and form relationships that have turned into a source of referrals. When you already know the other REALTOR® involved in the transaction it creates a smoother process for clients and gets them to the closing table. You never know what referral will be waiting for you next.”

Q: You are particularly involved with Mainstreet’s YPN, our Young Professionals Network. Why is YPN so helpful for newer REALTORS®?

A: “YPN has helped my career in several ways; where do I even begin? The biggest idea baked into being a YPN’er is collaboration over competition. Instead of being in competition with each other, we are always trying to help one another. Something I try to be mindful of is ensuring that I leave the industry better than when I came into it. We must be intentional about imprinting a positive impact on the communities we serve.”

Q: Lastly, for all the newer REALTORS® out there trying to make a name for themselves, what would you offer them as early advice you wish you had when you first started out?

A: “The biggest change from the last two to three years is 100% social media. It kept us connected during shutdowns. COVID changed the way we stayed connected on a global scale. We used it for maintaining contact throughout the pandemic. New agents should be using social media. It is critical to growing your business. My advice? Trial and error are your best bets. Try what works and find your voice. Uncover what feels natural and how you want to portray yourself on social media. People will learn to recognize your brand through your posts.”

Committee application season is now open through May 31 at Mainstreet and you are invited to apply! We welcome anyone who would like to get more involved in the innerworkings at Mainstreet because as you can see above with Brandon Blankenship, you never know what can happen while at a networking event.

Click here to visit our Volunteer Committee page, browse the options for where you would fit in best and start preparing your application materials.

Speaking of announcements, Mainstreet’s 20 Under 40 winners will be announced our next Taco Tuesday on May 21. The Un-Conference will be held in Downers Grove, click here to register for What You Wanna Taco ‘Bout.

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